I and Love and You All Natural Canned Cat Food

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NatPets, LLC
Pros: Very good ingredients, grain free, seems carrageenan free, cat loves LOVES it
Cons: None although a bit pricey unless on sale
This is a surprise grocery store find (Krogers). I read the ingredients (first three ingredients as I remember ? beef, beef broth, beef liver), and was surprised! Grain free, lots of meat, no fillers beyond alfalfa. Has cranberries, spinach and I thought, urinary health. Wasn't expecting much! It was on sale for $1.00, the same price as Purinas Beyond, which my cat so-so likes; worth a try, right? (My cat recommend this brand over Purina Beyond.)

Mr. Finicky WENT NUTS. He ate half a can (they're the small ones), and when I put another spoonful down he ate that too. (This is a cat who eats around the gravy of Sheba then walks away). An hour later I put the now-refrigerated remainder down so it could come to room temp as I slept. He NEVER EATS FOOD COLD but he ate even that!

Sorry for the story. This should be about the food lol but I just wanted to say how much my cat likes it. It's expensive online; Chewy's has the better price, so I'm going to wait til it goes on sale again at Kroger's and buy a bunch.

By the way, he kept it down (50-50 chance that he'd have barfed up Sheba had he eaten that much) and a little later on, the cat peed like an elephant, so maybe the cranberry theory is true

YES, I would recommend this product to a friend.