HoneyGuaridan Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain

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General Information

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Built-in 3 working modes: infrared induction mode, continuous mode and intermittent mode; compact and patented design; easy to disassemble and clean. The replaceable carbon water filter removes bad tastes, odors and contaminants, keeping water fresh


While I thought it was a nice fountain, my cats wouldn't use it even after 2 weeks and I would find them drinking the water in the bathtub and bathroom faucet. I ended up getting a fountain that resembles a faucet that they like instead.
It takes a while fro cats to get used to a fountain. Usually the running water sounds draw them to it. It takes a brave one to first use it, and then the others follow. Good idea to find one that resembles what they want to use! I am looking for one that is easier to clean, some are a nightmare!