Homeopet Wrm Clear Feline

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Cons: Overpriced, did not work
This was given to me to try.

This product was a disapointment. The whole process of administration was long (Daily doses of 10 droplets 3 times a day over the course of a couple weeks. I wouldn't have minded in context, if the stuff actually did work) and it is very expensive. I felt like I wasted all those days on using this. I felt really bad that my kitty endured worms for that period of time, waiting/hoping for this stuff to kick in. I went ahead and found and used my original product again, which immediately gotten rid of the worms.

Is a liquid, so can just put the drops into water and foods. But that is about it in positivity with this stuff. Depending on the individual cat, they may or may not like having it administered orally, factoring how easy or not it may be for the owner.

I have read other reviews and statements on this, and there were many other similar sentiments.


Not a recommended item whatsoever.