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Hill's Science Diet Adult Light Dry Cat Food

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Hill's Pet Nutrition
  1. Foreverme
    Science diet is basically what we call in medical terms a bolus - it’s a starch filled ball with vitamins and minerals. It’s artificial, even if the label says “ natural” It may be good for cats with sensitive stomachs but as a long term food for healthy cats Science Diet at any stage is not a good choice.
  2. cuddlemum
    "Probably a marketing con"
    Pros - Expensive
    Cons - A lot of ingredients and rubbish in it
    I bought this when I got my shelter cat, as he was overweight and the shelter told me to buy it as they feed them the brand. My bear does eat it this but he eats anything, but with wet food he goes crazy for but haven't tried this in wet.
    Since coming on this site and hearing about wet food I changed him to wet food. He still eats this after his wet food from time to time.
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