Hill's Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

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1.00 star(s)
1.00 star(s)
if Your thinking of feeding your cat this food please try separating your cats water away from their food. Contrary to what many have said about cats getting their water intake from wet food, cats drink water daily if given to them appropriately. Cats prefer their water not to smell contaminated. Water picks up scents, If their water is near food it will smell contaminated to them. Most people place their food and water together- don’t do this.
Cats need water to cough up hair balls they will start to drink a lot of water to help bring them up. Please attempt to separate their water and food and get a water fountain if necessary, which will also need to be separated from their food . Science Diet is junk. Cats are smart and know how to take care of their bodies. We humans need to understand their needs in order to help them and keep them healthy.
I have tried several formulas of SD and my cats just do not like it ..