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Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Bladder Health Dry Cat Food

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Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.
  1. blueyedgirl5946
    "An overall good cat food"
    Pros - Cat liked this food
    Cons - Priced high
    I had a male cat who had urinary issues most of his life. He struggled until he started eating Hill's Prescription Food. He at this diet for a long time and it worked for him. He maintained a healthy weight and with this diet and filtered water, he never had urinary issues again.
  2. anne3007
    Pros - Cat loves it, food composition
    Cons - Grain, price
    I prefer Hills over Royal Canin Urinary version. 
    The content seems healthier to me and my cat likes it. Besides, Hills has several variations. I now give Urinary Stress which I can recommend even more.
    My cats don't like the wet food from the Hills Urinary line, but I have to say that my cats are quite picky when it comes to wet food.
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