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Hexbug Mouse Robotic Cat Toy

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  1. Anne
    "Didn't work for us"
    Purchase Date:
    May 2, 2017
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    Pros - It worked as expected and we thought it mimics a mouse quite well making turns and pausing.
    Cons - Our old cat didn't care much for it. He barely looked at it at first and then not even that.
    We have a 13 yo cat who's not used to playing with cat toys. We were hoping an interactive toy might help so tried the hexbug robotic toy. Unfortunately, the cat simply ignored it. He glanced at it once or twice at first but then acted as it it's not there.

    We've tried several times. At one point the mouse took a turn and walked all the way to the cat, literally bumping into it. The cat couldn't care less, so we put it away for good.

    It's probably not the toy's fault though. It worked as promised and I'm sure a young cat or one who enjoys toys more would go crazy over it.
  2. abyeb
    "Fun for a while"
    Pros - Gives cats great exercise!
    Cons - Cats get bored with it quickly...
    When I first brought this toy out, Charlie was all over it. He chased it all around the room, stalking up on it and pouncing. This lasted only about 20 minutes, at which point, I put the toy away, hoping that Charlie would be excited to play with it again another day.

    Nope! I try to rotate Charlie's toys so he doesn't get bored, but when I gave him the mouse again a few days later, he just walked away from it. I think that a major reason that Charlie got annoyed with the mouse, is that he likes to pick up and carry his toys around after he "captures" them, which he couldn't do with the hexbug mouse because the motor inside the toy made it hard, so he couldn't bite it to pick it up (which he tried to do many times). If your cat is like this, then I wouldn't recommend the hexbug, as it seemed to frustrate Charlie.