Hartz Groomer's Best Fur Fetcher for Cats

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Pros: Cheap, removes the fur well, cat loves it!
Cons: None so far!
So this brush was well accepted by my girl as well! I like that it is plastic instead of the metal because she doesn't like the metal slickers. She was purring while I used this one on her and it took out a lot of hair! Amazon has this for about 15$ right now on a different listing and its shipped from Amazon so I have NO idea whats up with that price stated above! It is a great alternative to those very expensive furminators that I fear my girl would not take well to. Granted, my girl is a short hair. 
Pros: Easy to use , the cats love it , gets out all the loose hair ..
This brush is awesome .. My cats love to be brushed with this . They rub up against me and purr like a chainsaw ..

It is hard plastic so I was not sure they would even let me touch them with it but they love it .. It takes out all the loose hair and leave the coat smooth and shiny .. 

I high recommend this ..

Attached is a pic of an example of the hair that comes out .

Fyi , I have no idea why Amazon has this priced so high .I only paid a few dollars for it .. 

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