Groomers Slicker Brush Cats

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Pros: Affordable, does the job, everyday use
Cons: leaves behind a lot of fluff, static electricity
This is my cat's favorite brush and we tried many :) He started out hating any kind of brushing but after a month of treats and me following him all over the house to do a few strokes he now asks to get brushed. When he sees this brush he meows and purrs and rubs over the walls, chair and table legs.

This is your basic slicker brush and it does a great job on my medium hair cat. This is a brush you can use every day, several times a day without risk of giving your kitty bald spots while removing some loose fur and fluff and giving kitty a gentle massage.

My only problem is my cat's fluff and fur is so fine and soft that a lot of it is left behind and isn't picked up by the brush bristles so when I do a few brush strokes and then follow with a pet there's quite a bit of loose hairs on both, Mr. Kitty and my hand. To remedy this I use boar bristled paddle brush (supposed to be for humans, but who cares), run wet hand over the bristles and than brush Mr. Kitty some more - that picks up all the remaining fluff and gets rid of any static. I also use this slicker brush after occasional FURminating to pick up loose hairs and than again follow with slightly wet boar brush.