Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats

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Pros: Works for a while
Cons: Cats eventually just eat the pocket
Contains dairy
Charlie actually quite liked the taste of the pill pockets. Greenies does a great job making it appetizing for cats, to cover up the taste and smell of the pill. Granted, it's not the healthiest treat, as it contains skim milk, which can upset a cat's digestive system. After a while, cats do figure out that they are, in fact, being pilled and not just offered a treat, and will then just eat the pocket.
Pros: Covers the whole pill
Cons: Cats figure it out
Pros: Good concept, pills adequately hidden
Cons: Cat may learn to avoid
I tried these on two cats with very little success.  Milo would eat them, but not with a pill in them.  Wesley ate one, with pill, exactly once and that was all it took.  He wised up and would never touch them again.  I think they are a great concept and certainly worth trying but be prepared to use them as a treat.
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1.00 star(s)
Pros: Not sure
Cons: Try as I might, I could not get my kitty to eat either variety.
I tried these in the traditional method, by putting the pill into it and closing it up, by stuffing it with some tuna as well, by blending it in with normal kibble, Mercutio would not go near these things.

Granted, it may be because I was trying to get him to eat the butt worm pill which he can smell and taste from miles away. I have only had success getting this pill down his gullet by breaking it in half, crushing it to a fine powder, and mixing it really well into a can of tuna or strong smelling fish wet food (like salmon) and feeding him that one night, then doing the same with the other half of the pill the next night. So given all the other positive reviews, perhaps this was a fluke and due to the specific pill.
Pros: Affoirdable, they work great
Cons: None.
I have used both flavors for my cats. They were a lifesaver to me with cats who were hard to pill. Sometimes my cat would manage to eat it and spit out the pill If you use them when the cat is very hungry, they will eat it, pill and all without realizing what they are doing. It was by far easier than trying to use a pill popper to force a pill down a cat's throat.
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5.00 star(s)
Pros: Easy to use, my cats love them, very malleable
Cons: Big pills won't fit, cats can fall out of love with them
I personally am grateful to whoever came up with this product. Depending on where I buy it, when I buy it, and which flavor, I've spent anywhere between $3.77 and $6.50 for a 45-count pack. So, it can be a bit spendy, but if you have to give pills to your cat daily, and even worse, multiple pills per day, it comes in quite handy.

I've been told that cats can sometimes decide they don't like them anymore. That happened only in one case with me, and that was because he was suffering from acute renal failure. He wouldn't take his hyper-t meds and this cat LOVED these things. That was ultimately the straw (amongst many straws that weekend) that prompted the vet visit. So, I guess in that respect, it taught me a lesson - if they suddenly stop liking them, might be good to get them checked out!

The biggest con (and to my cat it's not a con at all) is that if it's even a relatively good-sized pill, it just won't fit, and will need to be cut in half. As far as the cat is concerned, that means she gets an extra treat.
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Pros: cover the 1/4 tablet, and easy to roll in a ball, my cat thinks it's a treat, I roll it on the floor to get his attention
Cons: Wish they made 2 sizes, a larger size as well
These have been a lifesaver in getting medication down my cat. He thinks it's his daily treat! 
Pros: Good size, easy to insert pills. One of my two cats adore them.
Cons: One of my two cats won't even eat them without a pill inside.
:seesaw:I like the consistency, size, and idea. However, only one of my two cats will eat them. The furry guy will gobble them up no problem. The little furry girl won't even touch them without any pill inserted. If they work for your cat than that's great .... but if your cat doesn't eat them wiyh no pill added then bad luck.
Pros: Very pliable and a package lasts a long time.
Cons: Cats don't care for them, but got around that!
These pockets have been a lifesaver for me. My cat is impossible to pill, and now because of an enlarged heart must take lasix daily. Plus I didn't want to stress him out every day pilling him. I tear a small piece of the pill pocket off, just enough to cover the pill, and press or 'cement' it to a treat that he really likes. (and THAT can change daily!) I give him one untreated one first to 'prime the pump' and he then gobbles up the treated one. Works like a charm! (so far for 6 months now!) Doing it this way means you can change to what ever they will eat at the time.
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In my experience, these are too large for my cats. When I shove the pill inside, my cat just look at it like 'what do you want me to do with this?' The scent is apparently not very appealing because none of my 3 want to eat it when they sniff it. But if I stick a piece in their mouth, they will eat the treat, so it must taste ok. The best way for me to use it: rip a small piece off that is just large enough to shove the pill in. Place that in your cat's mouth. Pray they swallow. 
Pros: pilling cat was easier than using a pill shooter, design idea is good as long as your cat likes the taste
Cons: extremely small so may have to use more than one pocket for one tablet, dries out quickly and crumbles, (xanthan gum ingredient may be questionable)
Made giving pills to cat a lot easier and less stressful on me, but because the pockets are small, I had to break pill in half and use two pockets, yet it was still less hassle then using a pill shooter/dispenser.

They dry out quickly, even in resealable bag, so it is better to double bag them in another ziploc bag, because when dry, the pocket just falls apart.

If your cat is not fussy with treats, then all will go well, but with older cat, he would not even try one.

Also, I have read that xanthan gum may cause inflammation or diarrhea in sensitive cats or those with allergies, so keeping an observant eye on your cat's stool, and asking your vet about this is advisable.

In my case, it worked for one cat, so I would definitely buy them again.