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Pill Pockets for Cat. Chicken Flavored. 1.6 oz PouchThe Pill Pocket Treats are 100% all natural tasty treats with a built-in pouch — ideal for hiding a tablet, capsule or liquid medication — so that most cats don’t even notice there’s medicine inside. They’re the #1 veterinarian-recommended choice for giving pills.


The #1 vet-recommended choice for giving pills
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Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats, Chicken, 1.6 ounce
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1.6 oz.
Chicken, Glycerin, Wheat Flour, Natural Flavors, Dried Corn Syrup, Corn Flour, Wheat Gluten, Chicken Liver Meal, Vegetable Oil, Lecithin, Brewer's Yeast, Potassium Sorbate, Salt, Methylcellulose, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) (source of vitamin C), Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Vitamin E), Vitamin E Supplement
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Chicken, Glycerin, Wheat Flour, Natural Flavors, Dried Corn Syrup, Corn Flour, Wheat Gluten, Chicken Liver Meal, Vegetable Oil, Lecithin, Brewer's Yeast, Potassium Sorbate, Salt, Methylcellulose, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) (source of vitamin C), Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Vitamin E), Vitamin E Supplement

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Pros: Works for a while
Cons: Cats eventually just eat the pocket
Contains dairy
Charlie actually quite liked the taste of the pill pockets. Greenies does a great job making it appetizing for cats, to cover up the taste and smell of the pill. Granted, it's not the healthiest treat, as it contains skim milk, which can upset a cat's digestive system. After a while, cats do figure out that they are, in fact, being pilled and not just offered a treat, and will then just eat the pocket.
Pros: Covers the whole pill
Cons: Cats figure it out
Pros: Good concept, pills adequately hidden
Cons: Cat may learn to avoid
I tried these on two cats with very little success.  Milo would eat them, but not with a pill in them.  Wesley ate one, with pill, exactly once and that was all it took.  He wised up and would never touch them again.  I think they are a great concept and certainly worth trying but be prepared to use them as a treat.


None of my cats will eat them "straight up" so to speak I use them by putting the pill inside then removing as much of the pill pocket as possible but leaving enough so that I can make a little ball. Making it into a ball makes it easier to swallow. Then I bury it in a tablespoon or so of their favorite canned food. They gobble it up with the food without even noticing. This method works with all of my cats and has worked with almost all of the fosters I've had over  years.
Mine are too smart for that: they eat the treat around it and spit out the pill. I have to stuff the pill down their throats and clamp their mouth shut with my hand while stroking their throats, all the while keeping them clamped to me with my arm so they can't escape. A real ordeal for both of us. Thank goodness this does not happen very often.
My 13 year old tabby was too smart to fall for the Pill after the second time.  So, what I do now is to place just enough of the pill pocket (about 1/4 to 1/3  of one) around the pill, cover it with a tiny bit of butter (to make it go down easier), tilt her head up, open her mouth wide and pop the covered pill into the CENTER of her throat...then close mouth, gently rub throat and watch for her to swallow. She's really sneaky, so I've learned that to be sure she swallows I must drop the pill into the center of her throat--this makes her swallow it immediately--.if I don't do this she'll keep the pill in her cheek (even after keeping mouth closed and stroking her throat for up to 45 seconds) then spit it out as soon as I let her go.  My vet has mentioned that it isn't really necessary to use a Pill Pocket and that coating a pill (or part of one) with butter works just as well.
I completely agree! I've been using Greenies Pill pockets for my cat for the past 2 and a half years and they work great! I rarely have a problem with giving my cat his pill, especially if I give him the pill pocket when he's hungry. I also learned that trick to make sure that he doesn't spit out the pill.
Before my older Cat, Gracie passed away from Kidney disease last month she had to be medicated twice every day.  She never missed a pill until the last 2-3 days.  Even when she was feeling crummy she still looked forward to he "treat" twice a day.
I agree that these are a great product. I've used them (for cats and dogs) for years and I'd say they're 95% effective. There's always that one little pest who will spit out the pill....but overall these are great and I've recommended them a lot.
I'm sorry that you didn't have success with the Greenies pill pockets. Perhaps they aren't as effective with the worming pills. Maybe you could try giving Mercutio the pill pockets on their own so that he could get used to them?

I've been using Greenies for at least two years and they work perfectly for my cat Monte. Mind you, he takes a small pill of fluoxetine and he hardly feels it when he takes it, as it's well hidden in the pill pocket. Monte also loves the Greenies dental treats. He'll devour 5 of them in mere seconds! My technique is I put the pill in the pill pocket and I squish it good to make sure that the pill doesn't come out and then I'll rub some of the powder from the Greenies treats. As soon as I put the pill pocket on the floor, Monte swallows it in a second!
The pill pockets have helped giving Monte his pills so much easier, as Monte is a very boisterous, quite fiesty cat. We can't even cut his nails without getting swiped at or scratched! We'd surely have many bitten fingers if we had to out our hands in his mouth to give him his pill!
I've used those before. My cats liked the chicken flavored ones. I was able to get my larger cat Shadow to eat the pill in the pill pocket, but Rascal was more cautious. He knew there was a pill in the treat. LOL So I had to wrap him in a blanket then put the pill in his mouth. That was when they were younger and had that Giardia. Thankfully they got over that, so I don't have to give them pills anymore. :-)
We have used both the Chicken and Salmon flavor Pill Pockets. 2 of our cats will take them with no problems (1 of them thinks they are treats). Our other 2 cats will have nothing to do with them.

Our experience is that they are fine for pills, but not for capsules. When we put a capsule in the pill pocket, our cat bit into the pill pocket and the contents of capsule spilled out. This happened a couple of times so we gave up using capsules in Pill Pockets. We have never tried a liquid medication in a Pill Pocket.