Goodlife Dry Food for Cats

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The Good Life Recipe
Pros: No corn, or if it has it, at the bottom of ingredient list; picky cat likes it!
Cons: Does have chicken by product in top 5 of ingredients. Bag does not state country of origin.
My cat was getting chubby on his old dry, Purina One hairball. Not only that, but he was getting listless. After reviewing the ingredients in the ONE, I decided to shop around for an affordable dry that had little to no corn gluten. To my surprise, Walmart carries this Goodlife brand! I looked at the ingredients and was shocked!!

"Chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, chicken by products, Brewers yeast rice, animal fat" are the top ingredients. NO CORN GLUTEN OR CORN.

So it's been about a week. I'm mixing it half and half with the ONE. Already I can tell a difference. He wants to play more, which is really a good sign!! He feels less chubby, as well, though I am only cutting the food down by a little.

Best of all, I did not waste my hard earned paycheck on another dry he won't eat. (Like I did with One indoor advantage and urinary formulas.)

The 6 pound bag cost less than the 7 pound bag of Purina One at the store.

The food also has the same kind of veggies you'd find in the expensive dry stuff. My cat wouldn't TOUCH those, either.

I am very happy with this product and profusely recommend it.