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Good Pet Stuff
  1. slykat12
    "They love it!"
    Pros - Cats like it, easy to work with, hides box, fun
    Cons - "Plant" is not in proportion to "pot" so it effects credibility. After removing top it may be hard to put back on.
    I ended up getting a second rescue cat to keep my current one from getting lonely and so decided to get a second box. I saw this one on Amazon and scored a killer deal. I think I paid less than 40 & with all the glowing reviews I was excited.

    It was easy to set up and holds a ton of sand. My 11 lb long Maine Coon girl fits fine inside as will a larger cat. But the main thing is both cats love it and it hides the box. People actually think it is a real decoration rather than a cat box because I slant the box so you can't see the opening.

    Cleaning can be done with the top on or off. On occasion I have struggled putting the top back on. You have to line it up perfectly or it will fall off. The top fake plant looks a bit cheesy but works for me. You can play with them bending here and there till they look better.

    I also read on Amazon that you can purchase any sort of fake fronds you want at a craft shop and replace with ease. It came with fake grass which the new kitten played with and chewed so I tossed that and put sea shells that I had laying around in its place. I recommend this if you have a kitten.

    Anyhoo, I'm glad bought it & they seem to like it too!