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Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter (single)

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  1. slykat12
    "Great way to pick up cat hair off of furniture, car seats, or carpeted stairs"
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    Pros - Cheap, easy to use, lasts long, works
    Cons - sponge gets dirty fast
    This unusual looking yellow brick sponge really helps me keep my house free of extraneous fur. It is a quick fix, that has a lot more flexibility than a vacuum and you can use it in places where a vacuum won't work-such as the tiers on Whitney's tree, my carpeted stairs, nooks and crannies on the carpet, and on the curtains. All you do is press the sponge to the hairy furniture and drag it across it and the fur just builds up on the sponge in a clump. I have done it after vacuuming and picked up even more fur. It is also more economical than using sticky tape on everything. I can go through a whole role of that in a day.

    The sponge does start to look dirty after awhile though. I dunno if you can wash it w/o messing with how it works but I feel I have already gotten my moneys worth.
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