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Golden Grey

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Very fine, Canadian clumping cat litter with silicate and baby powder scent for odour neutralisation. Available in Europe.

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Pros: Odour control,price,scent, less tracking.
Cons: none
I bought golden grey master litter after using the basic golden grey litter from zooplus which was great and this stuff is even better. The fact that it has a scent is nice I find it not to strong but not to light a nice middle ground. So you dont need to sprinkle any odour binding agent on it unless u want extra odour control.

The litter is very fine and my cats really seem to like it. it tracks a lot less then the original brand we were using (pets at home own brand).

It forms clumps well unlike the original brand we used. I find that I'm not scraping off  peepee clumps that managed to get stuck to the bottom.

I would like to say all cat litters I have used (even the £15-£16 pound 10l boxed litter I once used) was dusty and they all were tracked. I do not believe there is a 100% dust free,track free litter.

With that said for the price (2x 14kg bags for £18.99 at the time of writing this) and the good odour control and the good clumping action this has, it's a great price and a great littler.
Pros: Very fine, economical, easy to scoop, good odor control
Cons: Somewhat dusty, noticeably scented
This litter is a very fine, bentonite clumping litter with silicate flakes added for additional odor control and a baby powder scent. It's very economical and forms small, hard clumps which are easy to scoop. It does track fairly easily because of the small grains. We used this brand for years and were quite satisfied. However, about 18 - 20 months ago we started noticing a difference in the litter. It was dustier, and the previously faint baby powder scent had become obtrusive. After waiting a while to see whether we'd simply been buying from a "bad lot", we switched to another brand with less dust and a fainter scent.


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