Glacier Point Basic Fountain

Barry Farris DBA Sierra BioScience

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Pros: Not plastic
Cons: Very heavy, small drinking space, cats didn't use, unpleasant seller
This fountain was purchased because it was not plastic and saw it on a site on constipation for cats and was promoted as one that cats would use. 

However, it is expensive.  It is very heavy, especially with water in it and breakable.  The reservoir is deep and must be filled to the top, so takes a lot of water.  More than half of it is covered by the covering that holds the motor.  So the drinking space is small, further limited by a tube extending into the water.  You can make it bubble more, but then it splashes.  It comes with a bottle that you are suppose to fill with water, tip upside down, and screw onto the motor covering.  I found the bottle useless and could not understand the purpose.  The water just comes into the reservoir.  One of my cats ignored it and the other didn't drink as much as she used and kept dropping her toy mouse in it.

The seller was very argumentative and unpleasant when I called.  It says you can return it if your cat does not drink from it, but he withholds the original shipping fee if you purchased it under a free shipping offer, plus a handling fee and cleaning fee if he thinks it is not clean enough.  That plus the cost to ship it back was more than half the cost of the product. 


Sorry you had a negative experience, but some of those issues you should have known about before ordering. This fountain is about function over form, with a longer period between maintenance cycles, hence the reserve water bottles that can be installed to maintain water height. Whether its a bowl or fountain, most felines prefer the water level higher to minimize bumping whiskers, Good luck.