Gizmo Pet Product's Cat Mice Toy For Kittens - Catch The Mouse Motion Cat Toy Sold By Gizmo Pet Prod

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Pros: The critter move quickly with small swipes
Cons: none.
I've had this toy for years. Mercy plays with it for an hour at a time. She's 5 months now. Hint when they get bored turn it upside down and spin the critter. It adds a whole new dimension in the play as they are now reaching under something to hunt.
Pros: They had fun with this one
Cons: It really is for kittens. A larger cat's paw can get stuck
I bought 2 of these. One for my girls who are quite petite at 5 and 6 pounds and one for the Christmas box for the shelter cats. Lilith loved it, Sophie liked it. I noticed once or twice that Lily's paw almost got stuck when she went after the mouse and then her paw did get stuck. Fortunately, I was right there and helped her so she is fine. After that, I boxed up the second one and it went in the Christmas box for the shelter cats. When I delivered the box, I made sure that both of these went into the kitten room and the kittens had a blast with them. It was fun to watch them chase the mouse around and take turns sitting on top of it while the others chased it.