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Keep Your Cat Entertained For Hours With This Funny Motion Toy When you are looking for a toy that your cat will find virtually irresistible, you need one that is specifically designed to appeal to your cat's natural instincts. And what's better at doing this job than a little mouse? This amazing mouse motion toy will keep your kitten entertained for longer than you can imagine - your cat will love playing with it as it triggers her natural hunting instincts! Why This Catch-The-Mouse Motion Cat Toy Is The Best Toy For Your Cat: • It's an easy and affordable way to provide your cat with hours of fun! • It's not only incredibly fun for your cat to play with but it's also very fun for you and others to watch. Enjoy a good laugh watching your kitten trying to catch the mouse, knowing that she will never do so! • Great solution for when you are not at home - Let your cat play with the mouse and prevent potentially damaged furnitures or clothes! If you want the assurance that you are buying a cat toy that your little kitten will love, then this one will definitely fit your needs! Don't Lose Any More Time - Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!


✓A TOY FOR HOURS OF FUN: This motion cat toy is extremely fun for both you and your cat - You can get a good laugh watching your cat trying to catch the swiveling mouse while your cat can feel the joy of endless playing - you guessed it, she will never catch the mouse as it constantly spins away from your cat's grasp!
✓DURABILITY AT ITS FINEST: Are you looking for a toy that won't break apart just after 2 days of use? Then you have come to the right place. This motion cat toy is designed to withstand your kitty's claws and last in time!
✓SAFE CAT TOY: Catch the mouse motion cat toy has been created upon the highest quality standards. Therefore, it's made to exceed your highest expectations and be 100% safe for your cat to use!
✓SPECIALLY DESIGNED SCRATCH PAD allows for keeping your kitten's paws and nails clean healthy and strong! Don't miss this chance to get this interactive cat toy - click add to cart now!
✓PRACTICAL WAY TO KEEP YOUR CAT HAPPY: Simply unbox it and let your kitten play right away! There is no need to buy batteries or assemble different parts. Its compactness allows for carrying it with you wherever you go effortlessly!
Gizmo Products
Gizmo Products
Gizmo Products
Gizmo Products
Gizmo Pet Product's Cat Mice Toy For Kittens - Catch The Mouse Motion Cat Toy Sold By Gizmo Pet Products - Most Interactive Toy For Cats - Incredibly Fun To Play With & Amusing To Watch - Get It Now
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Item Height
2.25 inches
Item Length
10 inches
Item Width
10 inches
Package Height
2.6 inches
Package Length
10.3 inches
Package Weight
0.45 pounds
Package Width
10.2 inches

Latest reviews

Pros: The critter move quickly with small swipes
Cons: none.
I've had this toy for years. Mercy plays with it for an hour at a time. She's 5 months now. Hint when they get bored turn it upside down and spin the critter. It adds a whole new dimension in the play as they are now reaching under something to hunt.
Pros: They had fun with this one
Cons: It really is for kittens. A larger cat's paw can get stuck
I bought 2 of these. One for my girls who are quite petite at 5 and 6 pounds and one for the Christmas box for the shelter cats. Lilith loved it, Sophie liked it. I noticed once or twice that Lily's paw almost got stuck when she went after the mouse and then her paw did get stuck. Fortunately, I was right there and helped her so she is fine. After that, I boxed up the second one and it went in the Christmas box for the shelter cats. When I delivered the box, I made sure that both of these went into the kitten room and the kittens had a blast with them. It was fun to watch them chase the mouse around and take turns sitting on top of it while the others chased it.


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