FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats

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Reduces the shedding up to 90% by removing the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the topcoat


Reduces shedding up to 90 percent
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FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats, 1.75-Inch Edge
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5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: - great tool for removing excess fur
- has different lengths of blade for long- and short-haired cats
- decreases hair balls
- easy fur release button
- cats love it
Cons: - not good (or intended) for use on mats or tangles
- may not be as effective on extra long haired cats
I have always been a fan of Fur-minator products, having used their de-shedding tool on my Siberian Husky for the last 10 years. I decided to purchase the small Furminator for short-haired cats for my two kitties as well, since they were about a third of their normal cost on Chewy. My cats love the brushing, and purr like crazy when I bring it out, even going so far as to push up against the brush if I am going too soft with it. They look sleek and feel so soft afterwards. My domestic short hair cats don't have a dense undercoat, and you won't get the piles of fur from your cat (like the advertisements show) if your cat has a similar coat. However, you will still be suprised at the amount of fur the tool will pick up. The lack of shedded fur all over the house - and in your cat's digestive system - will be a big benefit for everyone.
Basing my experience on grooming my Husky: if your cat has a medium or long coat with a dense undercoat, this is the perfect brush for you, as it will remove the undercoat painlessly and prevent mats. The one thing I'd caution against is that the brush might lose efficacy the longer your pet's hair is, especially if it stands away from the skin. On my Husky's tail, where the fur is about 4" long sticking straight out from the skin, it is not especially helpful. I know there are a few cats with crazy long hair, (like Colonel Meow,) and they may need another brush to comb the hair out. You should also never use this brush on tangles or matted fur.
Over the years, I've learned a few tips on how to use it in order to best utilize the benefits of the product. First thing is to buy a size that is not too wide to cover the contours of your pets body, as this will help prevent skin irritation over bony areas. Use slightly angled, gentle, long strokes down the whole body and empty the hair from the brush often. Don't brush in the same spot over and over, and try to overlap your strokes. Rake the Furminator on your own skin, using the pressure you intend to use, and see how it feels. You can go a little bit harder on your furry friend, but keep this test in mind so you don't irritate your buddy.
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Pros: Assists in removing undercoat/dead hairs
Cons: Overpriced, basically just a blade on a stick. Not ideal for using on cat skin.
As a professional pet groomer, I will say this is NOT a good product to use on any cat as they have incredibly thin and fragile skin. This is a blade on a stick, and using in my salon, I can tell you that you can easily irritate a pet with even moderate use.
While I think it works magic on dogs, I'll stick my curry combs/rags to groom my kitties.
5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: Brushes very well, built in contraption to push hair off the brush to get more
Cons: You feel like you're going to hurt your cat
This brush is the best brush out there. It grabs a lot of hair. After using it on our cats it was like we had another cat from all the hair we brushed out. After brushing their coats are very soft too.
In the brush it has a nice grip, the brush part (which is metal) and a little button to push off the hair on the brush to make room for more which is very convenient.
The only con I could think of is that you feel like you're going to hurt your cat because you have to push a bit to get it going and it is metal so you I always feel like I'm going to hurt the cat. I didn't deduct this from the score though because for me that is just a purrsonal thing and won't necessarily apply to you.

In conclusion, I would definitely buy this brush if you're looking for one. It may seem expensive but it's worth it, you will probably not need any more brushes after buying this one.


I've used something similar on Jasmine.  Yes, it does a great job of getting out her loose fur.  But she absolutely hates it.  Her fur is very long and fine, and this pulls on it in a way that clearly makes her uncomfortable.  I've had much better results brushing her instead.
Some cats just don't like certain things, that's the truth! Having an arsenal of tools, I think, is key just in case one doesn't work quite as well as another. We have several tools, a couple of brushes, a good comb, the Furminator and, a de-matting tool.  I've even had to resort ot a basic pair of human scissors at times.  Whatever works for you!
Yes, me too.  And she says the scissors are worse (of course), but, intelligent though she is, she just doesn't get it that the Furminator (or any other kind of shedding tool) can prevent the scissors.  This year I resorted to a sedative, so I could take her to a groomer to have the mats shaved off.  Yeah, it's a cat thing.  Poor baby.  And nobody ever feeds her, or lets her play with the red dot (that one's actually close to true -- she's figured out where it originates and looks directly at the laser pointer), or pets her, or does anything else that she likes, according to her.  All cats lie.
I love this thing....helped me to get the under-fur on my medium haired tuxedo that all sorts of other instruments couldn't touch.  
I swear, like the ads and videos, after we really brushed her out with this Furminator, we had PILES of fur all around her !  Literally, looks like she lost weight....and its great to eliminate hairballs.  
Now  we just touch her up every week or so and she is good to go.  Its amazing that this simple product did what all the other combs, brushes, etc. claim to do, but don't. 
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Thanks for the tips! I am looking into these as I have a 'scruffy' looking 14 year old that never looks groomed and I wanted to see if I could make him look a little better! I'll tell you how it goes!
My cat loves this tool ..He comes to me and just loves to be groomed with it
I use it lightly and it removed hair  , so much...hair...down the sides
especially undercoat...he is short haired ...I do not use it on the abdomen
or hind legs. I use it on the neck lightly and down the sides of the cats
and tail...
I used this on 3 cats all short haired and it worked wonderfully..
Greatest tool to groom cats I have ever bought..and has lasted 3 years or more
for me and expect it to last forever... I keep it dry and in a clean  dry area of the
inside of the house.
I too have a Furminator and my cats absolutely hate it so much that I have stopped using it. Having said that, my previous, sadly deceased cats absolutely loved it. It seems the longer the hair the less effective it is. My previous cats all had dense short hair and the Furminator was great for thinning the downy undercoat and leaving the cats comfortable and happy. No good for long haired cats with very little downy undercoat instead I use a rubber grooming brush.
I also have a short hair cat who used to throw up hairballs. But even just using a regular brush on him makes so much hair come off that he gets bald spots. So forget about the furminator for him. Now I just make sure I run my bare hands over him every day to make the loose hair come off and there have been no more hairballs. HOWEVER, he is not my only cat and apart from the Persian I use the furminator on them and it works great and mine is several years old. The Persian's hair is too long and thick for this tool to go through, she gets brushed, then combed and then brushed again every day and still manages to get tangles.
I couldn't get over how great the Furminator is, for both my cats and my yellow lab.  WOW, does it get the fur off of them !   The best product on the market for grooming.  The only thing is, you have to be careful when you are brushing the cats / dogs with it, not to dig it too much into the skin, b/c that can be uncomfortable for them. 
My one of my boyfriend's cat, Hazel, didn't like being groomed but this brush right here has helped her get used to it. Be careful not to use this too much over one spot or their fur starts to get messed up. This thing is crazy. There's less fur all over the place and they shed less. Nothing is perfect but this is as close as you can get! Try the Furminator's nail clippers as well! Works just as great! :thumbsup: