Fromm Grain Free Dry Cat Food - Various Flavors

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Pros: Cats enjoy it, shape of food (Very small, round pieces) makes it easy for them to eat, lasts long time, decent cost for the quality, nice ingredients
Cons: Not easily found anymore, granted more of a reflection of my area compared to actual product issues
My kitties really enjoy this, it's a top fave  - especially for one of them, who tends to be a light and pickier eater. This is one of the only foods she will actually munch down quickly in one swig, compared to casually nibbling over a period of time.

A small bag goes a long way! With the quality offered it lasts a reasonably long time. With good food kitties are satisfied faster.

As said under the pro section, the kibble is small and round, appearing to assist in ease of eating. I see a lot of cat food that consists of large and/or angular shapes, and sometimes cats with a little mouth or maybe some dental whatnots would find it trickier to comfortably chew through it all.

A small bag is approx. $18.99 where I am located, though I do find it very much worth it. Compared to a lot of other top cat brands I see, that can start from $24.99 and up, I find the cost really reasonable.

No bad repercussions either after eating the food. Kitties have been eating it for about a year now. Good ingredients, cats find it tasty.

The only downside is that I am having a harder time actually finding it in stores nowadays, as the stores that once carried the brand are now replacing it with other brands.

In any case, it is definitely worth a shot if you are considering Fromm! 
Pros: healthy grain free
Cons: expensive
Duck, turkey, quail, pheasant  I buy this as a treat  for my senior cat 
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Pros: great food , great ingredients
Cons: carbs very high , expensive
My actually like this food very much but the carbs are very high ..