Friskies Cat Food Classic Pate

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Pros: Wide variety of flavors
Cons: Unnamed meats, by-products, really not at all nutritious for cats, etc.
Caused severe bloat and vomiting in both of my cats - neither have allergies. They wouldn't touch the stuff after, and one of my cats eats everything in sight. Inside of can almost looked rusty but could be from all the dyes they use - you get what you pay for. Works for some, but I won't feed my cats any of this cheap stuff again
Pros: Cheap, easy to find, grain free, cats like it
Cons: By-products, unnamed meats, lots of fish
I use Friskies to bring down the overall cost of my wet food rotation. The pate formulas are, surprisingly, grain free, which is great. I'm not crazy about by-products and unnamed meat sources (poultry by-products, meat by-products, "fish", etc.), but my cats like the food and do well on it. There aren't any unnecessary fillers like vegetables. 

I've tried even cheaper brands with similar quality ingredients lists, but my cats throw up. They've never vomited Friskies and they've never turned it down. It's not my favorite food, but we could definitely be doing a lot worse.
Pros: Easy to find, palatable, cheap
Cons: by-products, added color
I don't usually feed Friskies.  I always thought of it as terrible junk food.  However, after reading some good reviews and because I had a coupon and I wanted to give my cats a little variety, I bought a few cans to try.  Surprisingly, my cats liked it.  The ingredients are okay (better than some dry foods) but I wouldn't want to feed it exclusively.  It has a lot of by-products as the first few ingredients and lists less specific things (for example, meat instead of chicken).  It's cheap, easy to find and the ingredients are okay.  
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Pros: My finicky cats kind of ate this food which is good. It didn't smell up my house like some do, and it was alright in the nutrition aspect.
Cons: Cats didn't eat near as much as with another brand, any other brand. It didn't smell all that appetizing to me, if I was a cat I wouldn't eat it.
Well, considering price, it is a good way to feed cats that aren't as finicky as mine are. They eat a very balanced diet of homemade rabbit, chicken, and turkey mixed with kibble I buy at the store. I haven't had a problem with them eating any canned food, but they just didn't seem to like it. 
Pros: It's very affordable for wet food. It's cost is very low and similar to the cost of Sheba and 9lives
Cons: I noticed my cat ate a lot more with Friskies. When I switched brands he went from 3 (sometimes half of a fourth) to 2 cans a day.
FYI my kitten is nearly 3 months old and is a little over three pounds.
Pros: affordable, cat likes it
Cons: pate is hard to eat, there are healthier brands out there
My cat certainly likes it. I've tried to get her to eat other brands of wet food that are healthier, but she won't eat them. The price is certainly right with this. It is very affordable. I mix it in with a better quality dry food. The only other complaint I have besides health is that the pate is hard for my kitty to eat. I have to smoosh it up in her bowl to make it easier. Some of friskies other flavors are easier for her to eat.
Pros: Decent affordable option ..
My cats would not touch this . I don't  know why . It seems most cats like it .. 
I gave this to my kitten once, just a little teaspoon of it.

It turned her poop gray for two days, she had diarrhea for a week. I don't know what it did but my kitten slept an entire 24 hours, something she's never did, after eating it.

NEVER giving this to my kitten again.
Pros: Easy to mush up, affordable
Cons: Just be careful where you get it so you're not spending more than you need to!
This seems to be the preferred cat food for the cats I've owned over the years. 

My 19 year old has been eating it from the beginning and loves it. Most times she prefers it if it's just opened so it's at room temperature, or once it's been dished out she will wait for it to get to room temp if it has come out of the fridge.

My 2 year old prefers Pate over any other kind. I've fed her the chunks and the shreds and she seems to not care for those at all. I feed her Special Diet that promotes urinary tract health and I also mix a little water with it as well and mush it in.

So, basically, Pate is the best way to go if you are attempting to add more water to your cat's diet and it leaves you the option of adding additional water to it as well....ALSO, if you are giving your cat a liquid medication (my kitty is on Prozac) it makes it super easy to just mix it in and the cat is never the wiser. Mine is a fatty at heart, so she gobbles it up no problem :D
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Pros: readily available, very affordable, variety of flavours, low carb, low grain
Cons: carageenan, some recipes contain guar gum and fish, vague ingredients, artificial colours and flavours
Friskies is readily available practically anywhere, and it's super affordable. They sell well in bulk packs, and the pates are meaty and high in protein, and low in carbs and grains. The ingredients are a bit vague with things like"meat" and "poultry byproducts" where higher end foods would probably be more specific, but the food is well accepted. The value is high, but the quality is relatively low. It's a good food to have in a mix or rotation to help transition into new foods, as well as cut costs.
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Pros: No carrageenan (in some of them), low grain, kitty favorite, wide range of flavors
Cons: Not the highest quality, 5.5 oz cans (they should be 6 oz for my boys)
There are by-products, but those aren't so bad. It is very cheap, a 5.5 oz can for 67 cents at my local pharmacy, even cheaper online.

My boys love it, and  my Gandalf who has a sensitive stomach keeps it down very well. They each love all of the flavors, but pretty

much all of them have fish.

I have tried pretty much all of the flavors but now only get the "Classic Pate" because the others have carrageenan. 
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Pros: Affordable, low carbohydrate, easily found in most stores
Cons: Contains some rice and fish, contains by-products
I use this food in rotation to help keep costs under control.  I buy the 52 can pack at BJ's for $20, so it's a good deal.  All varieties contain fish and rice about halfway down the ingredient list, but since it is further down I assume the amount is minimal.  I'm not overly bothered by some by-products in cat food as I figure if a cat were catching and killing small prey, the cat would consume the whole animal.  In addition to by-products, there is real meat listed.  I recommend the Poultry Platter and Mixed Grill varieties, which have the most meat.
Pros: the cats seem ok with it
Cons: not regular choice
this ok as a backup with the cats if tasty treasures is out
I have a cat as a kitten that was so malnutrition when I got him as for canned wet food that doesn't make him sick as crap its good in that respect
Pros: Cheap, easy to find and get, huge selections of types and flavours
Cons: Not a personal favourite of the cats
They used to have some of this in the past - It seemed to have been the least favourite wet canned food of my kitties. There was always some left over, and unless I mixed it with something else they wouldn't eat much of it on its own.

On a personal level, it doesn't appear to have been the right food for us.

Quality wise, it won't be under the amazing category.