Fresh Cat Waterless Bath Foam

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Rarity Beauty, LLC
Pros: It got the yucky stuff off
Cons: Still felt the need to wipe down the cat with a washcloth afterwards
Either the product really isn't that great, or my expectations for waterless shampoo was just too high. Either way, three stars.

Lucky got a lot of yucky puree on his chest after a syringe feeding session. The washcloth just wouldn't make the really sticky nastiness go away though. I decided to bust out this stuff since I had it (hadn't used it yet). I followed the instructions, let it dry and then brushed it out. The worst of the yuckiness was gone, but it still felt like he needed to be "rinsed off" with a wet washcloth, kinda negating the "waterless" part in my opinion.

I'd probably use it again, but guessing it just doesn't work really well on big messes.