Fresh 4 Life Clumping Clay Fragrance Free Litter

Fresh 4 Life

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- Fresh 4 Life Baking Soda Odor Guard Protection offers superior odor control- Trust Fresh 4 Life to eliminate odors in your home- Fragrance free and low tracking- Maximum clumping action

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Pros: Clumps well, inexpensive
Cons: Dusty
Recently purchased bags have been very dusty. Hoping it was just a temporary problem and goes back to normal. If not, I will have to change brands.
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Pros: low tracking, fine, easy to sift, no scent, absorbs odors
This is a Pet Valu brand that is SUPER affordable and great to use. It's not very dusty (we had to mix it into a no-name litter during conversion, and it was VERY obvious the dust level went way down as soon as we started using this), it clumps well, scoops well, there are no extra scents, and it's pretty smooth to the touch so the cats' paws don't get irritated with kicking it all off. It doesn't stink to their fur as much as other litters, so they don't track too much out either. I would totally recommend this to anyone on a budget. The $10 bag is a 40lb bag, whereas the 22lb box is $7. Great find and great buy.


After 1 year of my 15 year old cat using only the floor (no matter what I tried) I grabbed a bag of Fresh for Life and tried it. Big Mama is using litter box again, and I am reborn.
BUT-cannot find a delivery service for it. am unable to get to New Jersey to shop.
Fresh for Life Clumping-any info on delivery?