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Forgotten Cats - Greenville, DE

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  • At Forgotten Cats, our mission is to reduce the unwanted cat population without killing and to stop the suffering of the thousands of kittens born to abandoned, homeless cats.We do this by working with colony caretakers to trap, sterilize, vaccinate, and return every cat within a colony. We provide the necessary medical treatment for sick or injured feral cats, stray cats, and kittens. We are working to find homes for adoptable cats and kittens. We also provide education about spay neuter, and we are assisting other cat rescue groups with trap, neuter, and return programs.http://www.forgottencats.org/Suite 4224023 Kennett PikeGreenville, DE 19807Delaware 302-429-0124

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  1. helsic
    I wish there where organizations like this in China in the city where I live T_T this is SO important
  2. kirbysmom
    They are a wonderful organization!  I worked with them to trap, neuter/spay and return the cats living in my yard and reproducing.  They came with a van full of traps and showed me how to operate them. I set them up,  baited them and within 3 hours I had trapped 9 - 8 were mine!  They came the next day, picked them up had them spayed/neutered and gave them shots.  Returned them in a few days.  The whole thing cost me around $400-.  The cats are wonderful and very healthy.  I can't say enough good things about forgotten cats.  I need to call them again to trap and vaccinate! 
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