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ForestWind Siberians - Buffalo, NY

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ForestWind Siberians

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  1. donata ahern
    I'm sorry for your distress. My experience has been a very positive one with both of my cats from ForestWind. Kate is a dedicate and careful breeder, doing it for love of the breed. It's worth some uncertainty re homing date to be assured that your cat is ready for the transition, I appreciate Kate's careful attention to the health and maturity of the kittens she places. It's a shame that one very negative rating is able to cause an overall negative rating for this outstanding cattery and breeder, I have found Kate very helpful and transparent in my dealings with her. My Noni has been with me for 4 yrs, and Bodhi for 3, and have added joy and love to my home. At all times I feel supported by ForestWind.
  2. lovemyfwsibs
    I am sorry you feel upset. Your experience was a complete universe away from my multiple contacts with this breeder, in every way. It's a mystery why there was such a disconnect but clearly it wasn't a good matchup for you and ForestWind, and I expect you are happier elsewhere. The breeder was gracious in returning all your money when you were dissatisfied, so I'm glad you have those funds to apply to a new kitten. I hope you will very soon get the kitten you want, and get to enjoy the sweetness of a Siberian!
  3. kbrushphd
    I am confused and mystified by your experience which was nothing at all like either of my two purchase experiences in 2011 and 2013. I do not know what went wrong or what the specific circumstances were. I can only say that Kate always responded coherently to my emails. There were sometimes delays of a day or so in response as she is very busy but never more than was reasonable. Her cats are beautiful and well taken care of. Her FB page is active and full of happy customers and all in all if I had room for a third cat I would travel all the way to Buffalo again in a shot. I will say that if there was any health problem with the kittens Kate's first concern would always be their wellbeing over the timetable of clients. There is nothing at all "shady" about Kate but there could be times when the care of her cats might take most of her time and have priority over communications with customers.
  4. emmagram
    Oh dear. I gave a good listen to both sides and I hear both of your truths. Sadly communication would be difficult under the circumstances presented. My heart breaks that you did not get to welcome a ForestWind kitten into your home. Not one, but two ForestWind cats grace our home. Both of my sons also are ForestWind families. I wish the clock could be turned back to a do over. Once they get to know the fluidity of the adoption process, most families fall in love with the cattery and the cat or kitten that was meant to be. I can only hope that communication could continue, misunderstandings be cleared up and peace reign in a new process of mutual respect. 
  5. colleen haynes
    As a breeder, I can also say that we do not know the exact date a kitten can go home. I base it on their size, maturity and social skills, Also, contracts are signed when the kitten is picked up. This is typical.
    I hope you will find a suitable pet.
  6. donata ahern
    I have two gorgeous, friendly cats from ForestWind Siberians. Kate Stryker is a dedicated breeder who offers socialized, guaranteed healthy kittens. Kate's loving care of her cats shows in all she does. Both cats easily became part of my household as I followed the detailed information on how to introduce them to my home, and after I had the second cat, how to introduce then to each other.My two ForestWind Siberians are the joy of my life, giving me affection and comfort. They are playful and cuddly. My friends all comment on how sociable they are. One of my cats, Noni, has chosen the role of therapy cat and comforter to my counseling clients, who find her a source of comfort. Bodhi is my playful boy, always ready to play. As ongoing help Kate hosts a FaceBook group for all Siberian owners to ask questions, share pictures of their ats, and learn more about giving our cats a good and happy life. This includes nutrition, problem solving, and products members find helpful. I give ForestWind Siberians a 5 star review!
  7. ivanowner
    I'm sorry you were so impatient, you should have trusted them. The cat I have from Forestwind, is one the sweetest, most well-mannered creatures I have ever met. I'm sorry that you are so unhappy, but don't take it out on other people.
  8. forestwindcats
    continued from above: ..." Amy did not want her reservation returned, and when we reaffirmed that we were not the right breeder for her, she threatened us and told us not to contact her again, but that we'd be "hearing from her."  If anyone has questions about this situation we have saved all correspondence from this buyer and are happy to address any questions or concerns anyone has about the above situation. Our email is Sweet Siberians (at) aol (dot) com and you can find us on Facebook and at our website www (dot) SweetSiberians (dot) come Warmly Kate Stryker, ForestWind Siberians since 2005. 
  9. forestwindcats
    This review is factually incorrect. We refunded the Buyer's reservation payment - which we do not contractually have to do - because we were unable to work with her unreasonable and highly anxious demands. Unfortunately the lady with the reservation had unrealistic expectations of having an exact date and time for everything. She also has her dates incorrect. She had a reservation for kittens to be born in the summer - there was no exact going home date other than "Autumn" given when she made her Reservation. After the kittens were born a tentative time frame was posted in the private kittens group - along with photos of the kittens' parents together with lots of files posted about Transition Period, Diet, Care, and Supplies. No matter how often we explained to this Buyer that kittens are living beings and grow and develop at their own pace, she wanted an exact going home date. When given an expected date, she then asked us to keep her kitten 10 to 14 days longer for her convenience. We said that we were booked for the times she wanted to pick up, but that we would try to rearrange our calendar and get back to her. Four or five days later we'd managed to rearrange many preexisting obligations. When we notified her of this, instead of a thank you, she complained that we hadn't told her "fast enough" and she'd made arrangements to take time off of work. - without checking back with us first. Again, at this date (August) the kittens were just over 1 month old - not old enough to confirm an exact  go home date. Much information was provided to this Buyer including the fact I broke my right shoulder and left elbow in a bad fall on Mother's Day and was having an extremely difficult time with cattery work and typing. I explained that I would try to get photos of the young kittens but that we were focused on the kitten selection photos for our Spring kittens.  When a different Summer family asked for a few snap shots of the summer kittens, I provided three photos and explained they were not "for selection" but simply to show their cute faces.  When it became apparent that we could not give the Buyer the exact go home date she wanted, we offered her a gorgeous silver kitten who was available now, that we could hold for a few weeks. She did not want the kitten she only wanted a kitten for an exact date in September. We then refunded (without being asked) her entire reservation payment (again, we were not required to per the reservation contract, we could have simply said you'll need to wait until we have a kitten for you...), and explained that we were not going to be able to meet her needs. We further made suggestions about the type of breeder to look for who could provide a kitten on an specific date, and shared links and other information to help her find Siberian cat breeders all over the world. She did not want her reservation returned, when we stated that we were not the breeder for her, she threatened us and told us not to contact her again, but...
  10. nansiludie
    I am very sorry this happened to you. I do think it was good that you were refunded. You might be able to find a a purebred Siberian on Petfinder, it most likely won't be a kitten but you'd have saved a life. I do hope you find a little furry friend when you are ready.
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