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Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

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Feline Pine
  • Feline Pine Scoop naturally neutralizes strong odors on contact, leaving your home remarkably fresh! Highly absorbent pine litter binds directly to ammonia particles and locks them away for good. Simply scoop and discard daily! Made from renewable southern yellow pine and natural Guar Bean Gum--it's 100 percent natural! Pine naturally neutralizes ammonia.With the clumping power of an all-natural fiber made from the Guar Bean, Feline Pine Scoop clumps tight, so nothing is left behind but fresh litter. Using Feline Pine Scoop is a safe and healthy way to enjoy the benefits of a clumping cat litter without any of the chemicals or silica dust.
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    Feline Pine
    Without any of the chemicals or silica dust; scoop fully absorbs liquid
    4 inches
    13 inches
    21 inches
    Feline Pine
    Feline Pine
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    Feline Pine
    Feline Pine
    Feline Pine Original Cat Litter, 20-Pound Bag
    20 pounds
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    20 lbs.
    Ingredients: 100% pure pine. No new trees were cut to make Feline Pine.
    Ingredients Set Element:
    Ingredients: 100% pure pine. No new trees were cut to make Feline Pine.
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  1. cinderflower
    it tracks because you need a special litter box. felinepinelitterbox.com sells them for 21.99 + 12.00 shipping and i don't want one of theirs because mine are covered booda domes and both the cats and i prefer covered litterboxes. pussydo in nz also sells a special box and oz-pet sells the only covered ones i have seen and they're 60.00 plus shipping and i have no idea how much that is from australia to the states.
    i currently separate the pellets from the dust every to every other day and have been looking for a solution because it's tiresome. but there is absolutely no urine odor and you can just flush the pool. what i am going to try to do is find more booda domes on craigslist or some place used because i only want the bottoms. i'm going to drill holes in the bottom and nest it inside the bottom i already have. then the cover affixes to only one box and it works fine.
    btw, feline pine is 14.99 for 20 lbs. and wood stove pellets are 4.38 for 40 lbs. they are exactly the same as long as you check to make sure that no accelerants have been added. i see no need to pay feline pine the extra money simply because of their marketing.
  2. shekittymeows
    Litter boxes should be cleaned out daily. #1 reason is in a multi-cat household they can spread the corona virus back and forth between each other through their litter box by getting feces on their paws and licking it off, then the corona virus can mutate between cat to cat, this can go on for years. Until one of the cats have a bad immune system, from any illness, or then if they are carriers of FIP they can eventually die from FIP. FIP is the most deadly unknown decease in cats, and I just lost my baby Pookie of only 2 precious years on 2/27 because of FIP. I now make sure that my 4 litter boxes are cleaned out every single morning.
  3. caramelblond
    I use something similar to this, made with grain rather that pine. I love it too, because the expanded pellets lets me see where Buddy has gone so I can remove it with out much hunting. Also big for me, is mine is made from sustainable material, grain hulls, and is safe for the Earth. It does get everywhere if there is too much and Buddy has a hard time manuvering in the box as well.
    One question: Is is safe to allow the soiled pellets to remain in the box? It seems the smell is nuetralized but what about the bacteria? I know urine is sterile but bacteria does grow, doesn't it? My brand says remove daily but I take it out as soon as possible.
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