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Feline Greenies Dental Chews

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  1. PrestonCat
    "All good here!"
    Pros - Cheap ($1.57 per bag) Cats enjoy them
    Cons - Unsure of effectiveness
    I have three cats and all three love them, I've never had to deal with any upset stomachs and all three actually chew them, but I can't guarantee the effectiveness, although I did have decent results with the dog greenies.
    I think I'll continue to get them until I find something we all like better.
  2. cryptic
    Purchase Date:
    Oct 3, 2017
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Cats like them, not too expensive
    Cons - Ingredients are subpar, not sure it does anything for teeth
    Cats seem to like them, and chew them. Not too pricey in my opinion. However the ingredients aren't wonderful, lots of animal meal and corn. I don't really think this helps any more with teeth than the average kibble would.
  3. cuddlemum
    "Ok, but would rather have something better"
    Pros - My cat likes these
    Cons - Don't think it really does what it says it does
    These are okay if you looking for something quick, but are expensive and probably like junk food. Would rather something more like food.
  4. lemondrop
    "Middle of the road treats"
    Pros - Cats like them, low calorie
    Cons - Not-so-great ingredients, probably do nothing for their teeth
    My cats like these treats, but not as much as they like the meatier treats I have mixed into their treat jar. I like that Greenies are only one Calorie per treat, but I don't love the grainy ingredients list. I'm skeptical that they would have any benefit for my cats teeth even if they did chew them, so I usually cut them in half for even lower calorie treats.
  5. tillydiekatze
    "I love these!"
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Cleans my teeth.
    Cons - Grains and animal meal.
    These are great treats but, I wish they would use other ingredients.
    Ingredients include: Chicken meal, rice flour, wheat flour, corn gluten meal, oat fiber, poultry fat, natural poultry flavor, ground flaxseed, and brewers dried yeast.
  6. veggietreegirl
    "Thumbs up from cat"
    Pros - taste, price
    Cons - not sure they really help
    My cat loves the catnip flavor. Every night we have a play session before bed and then I give her a few of these. That's ok I guess, but I bought them to help clean her teeth also. I'm not sure they do that. I'm not big on just giving treats for no reason. I want them to also clean teeth. They are affordable. I'd like to switch to something else, but these are the only dental treats available in my area.
  7. 2cats4me
    Pros - Cats eat them ..
    Cons - I am sure they don't do much for the teeth as the cats mostly swallow them whole .
    I don't care for these treats . The cats like them but mostly swallow them whole ..  
  8. roguethecat
    "perfect as a bribe. doesn't do anything for teeth."
    Pros - if used right, bribes Oberon and Sassy Josephine to actually like each other.
    Cons - this is no dental treat. Cats need to actually chew something to help clean teeth.
    Yes, I buy them. No, I haven't read the ingredients list because I'd get heartburn. If given more than one, the Rogue will get diarrhea. However, they are the perfect bribe for Rascal to come home even if there are other obnoxious cats around. Oberon and Sassy Josephine will do anything for Feline Greenies, any flavor, including not fighting each other. They can be crushed and sprinkled on food that otherwise wouldn't get a lick. They can be given whole on a piece of food and cause Grisou to eat more than he would on his own, and to try new things. No, they are certainly not species appropriate. I think of them like candy for my niece - necessary evil.
  9. kat0121
    "dental treats? they barely chew them"
    Pros - the cats like them
    Cons - not crazy about the ingredients
    I don't consider these dental treats because the cats really don't chew them. They like them well enough but to me these are no better than Temptations as far as cleaning teeth. Just more expensive. I won't buy them again
  10. ruaryx
    "Cat likes them but bad ingredients and probably doesn't work"
    Pros - Palatable
    Cons - No dental benefits, bad ingredients
    My cat seems to like these treats, however I don't believe that they are very healthy for him.  It's filled with meat meals, rice, wheat, corn, etc. I don't see how they could be good for his teeth.  Will not buy again. 
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