Felidae Pure Elements Dry

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Pros: grain free; excellent ingredients; my picky cat will eat it; cheaper than other similar quality foods
Cons: price recently went up; has more carbs than I'd prefer
Of the foods that my cat will eat, Canidae pure elements is really the best overall combination of price, quality, and paletability that I have found.

I highly recommend it.
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Pros: good ingredients, awesome results after a week
Cons: none
I absolutely love this food. I have two 9 month old kitties who are brothers (Felix and Roman), and so far all of the Canidae foods we've tried have worked out well for us. Immediately upon switching from Taste of the Wild, their poop was less smelly and they stopped getting diarrhea. It was glorious! I also think this food has brought out the shininess in their coats. They both feel very sleek and silky and are very healthy.