Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Cat Food

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Fancy Feast

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Fancy feast gourmet cat food, tender liver & chicken feast, 3-ounce cans (pack of 24) is a smooth paté made from a combination of liver and chicken feast.


Fancy Feast
Pack of twenty four, 3-ounce cans (total of 72-ounces)
Refrigerate unused portion
Formulated to meet the nutritional levels for all life stages
Fancy Feast
Fancy Feast
Fancy Feast
Fancy Feast
Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food, Tender Liver & Chicken Feast, Classic 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
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Item Weight
3 pounds
Package Height
3 inches
Package Length
10.8 inches
Package Weight
5.45 pounds
Package Width
7.9 inches
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Pros: My cats love it
Cons: Slightly pricey
My cats love to eat this, and I would try to get a variety of flavors so that my cats could enjoy it more. I would feed them this in the morning and evening. As I said in the cons, it is a bit pricey, but good canned food nonetheless.
Pros: I raised 2 cats on Fancy Feast which they enjoyed; One lived for 20 years and the other 15; endorsement enough.

I also fed my cats Science Diet dry food but only occasionally.  I don't think it is wise to give too much dry food as there can be possibility of negative health issues. 

I presently feed Penny the same and also add Iams and Greenies pet dental treats.  

Pros: Not too bad for wet food
Cons: Bit expensive
Have given some different flavours to my cat, and hasn't turned his no up at it yet, but he would probably eat anything lol


I fed my cats Fancy Feast for years, and they appeared to like it.  BUT, one of the vets I've been to told me that FF causes kidney crystals in cats. He said he tested them and it's true.  After what I've been through during that poisonous fiasco a few years ago when all my cats got crystals and UTI while a lot of others died, I don't think I want to take chances.  I'm not sure what's the safest for them but I won't take any chances, so I quit buying them.
So what are you feeding your kitties now? I use Fancy Feast and you 're right it should be premium food because of the price.  There are more expensive ones out there than FF though.  I have been buying small amounts of Nature's Variety Instinct which is about $1.29 per 5.5 ounce can.  If they came in bigger cans than that I'd get them instead to save more money.  Will have to look up any reviews that may be here at this website.  Hopefully they are good!  I would like to quit buying FF altogether.  
Hi Ginny- This is the best link I can find on canned food. It is quite involved but very educational We are feeding ours friskies canned with the least amt. of ash content. In the meantime we'll be studying up on this link too. I have 4 kitties and we feed about 10 outside of my TNR. So it gets expensive. Let me know if you come up with anything on this link and I'll do the same. I wish I could find that same page that rated Fancy Feast but can't. Good luck to you and your babies
All the quality nutrition in the world matters not a whit or a clipped copper coin if the cats won't eat it. I've tried getting them the better stuff--they won't eat it. (Plus side; they won't eat the worse, and cheaper, stuff either.) Do you have any suggestions for me and my darlings?
Thank you slamina2 and good luck to you.  I've browsed through Dr. Pierson's website  She actually says it's better to feed even the cheapest wet food rather than the best quality dry food.  I guess it must be all the emphasis these days on offal (for humans) that is the reason she hints (IIRC) that the meat by-products in the cheaper canned foods is not so much a problem.
I'm trying to stay away from grain and watch the budget too.  I'm including some Nature's Variety Instinct canned every day which is mostly protein and less carbs but I"m continuing to give them FF and Friskies even.  But just the ones that only have rice instead of wheat - in other words no gravy.  
So true.  I've had to go slow with mine.  One day, I slipped up.  I thought they really approved on one of the Nature's Variety cans (can't recall if it was rabbit, duck, or what) and I put the whole can in a single bowl.  They cut a wide swath around it.  Too much too soon I guess.  So the next time I went back to putting a spoonful in each bowl, just a little sample.  They ate it.  Silly kitties.  It's their way or the highway!  But hey whatever works.  if they truly won't touch even a sample, maybe try just the teensiest bit mixed in with the regular food and see how they do?  Whenever I change dry foods on them, I work in the new food a few bits at a time.  Nowadays they don't get much kibble and they aren't suffering too much either.  
I give my kitten the option between dry foods and always..the wet food goes first..the gravy or jelly..then the lil bits.
I also change between brands,FF,whiskers,friskies, he never knows what he might be getting...(i hope it adds some excitement)
He really likes FF...roast chicken in gravy..the look of satisfaction is priceless as he likes himself clean...
I never gave him milk thou..i only give him this wrong??and have i spoilt his taste buds??
Liz Katz, yea thats her real name... watched me feed my boy the fancy feast pictured, then said "why dont you cook up some chicken livers for him" she said Walmart has plastic tubs the size of cottage cheeese containers for just over a dollar. cuttin and cookin (when I have time) is worth a try....