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Fancy Feast Broths

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A decadent broth with tender bites of real seafood, crafted without by-products or fillers. Fancy Feast Broths Fancy Feast Broths Family Fancy Feast Family Fancy Feast Broths Feeding Instructions Fancy Feast Broths. Real, recognizable ingredients are at the heart of every Fancy Feast(R) Broths recipe. Each perfectly portioned, ready to pour pouch includes a variety of lickable, lappable tastes and textures cats are sure to love. Prepared without by-products or fillers. Made with real, high quality fish and vegetables. Served in a Decadent Silky or Creamy Broth. Why Buy Purina Fancy Feast Broths. .. Lickable, Lovable Bowls of Wholesome Goodness, Crafted to Delight Your Cat with Taste and Textures Unlike Any She's Ever Experienced Each Pouch is Perfectly Sized, Easy to Serve, and Ready to Pour Prepared Without By-Products or Fillers Made with Real, High-Quality Fish and Vegetables Served in a Decadent Silky or Creamy Broth


Fancy Feast
Lickable, lovable bowls of wholesome goodness, crafted to delight your cat with taste and textures unlike any she?s ever experienced
Each pouch is perfectly sized, easy to serve, and ready to pour.
Prepared without by-products or fillers
Made with real, high quality fish and vegetables
Served in a decadent silky or creamy broth
Fancy Feast Broths
Fancy Feast Broths
Fancy Feast Broths
Fancy Feast Broths
Fancy Feast Broths with Tuna Shrimp and Whitefish Pet Food, 32-Pack
1.4 oz
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Latest reviews

Pros: no-by products, easy to serve
Cons: expensive
My cat Angie and the two kittens that I am fostering right now love Fancy Feast Broths!  They especially like one that has bits of tuna in a creamy sauce, but will also lap up the chicken one just as good.  These small pouches are the perfect size for kittens and are also great for hiding the taste of liquid medicine for cats.  I also like that they can be poured over dry cat food to make it tastier, especially if your cat is not feeling all that great and you are try to get her to eat.  Lately, I have been giving my cats more of these to get more fluids in them during the heat wave outside, so they don't get sick.

None of the Fancy Feast Broths have by-products in them, which I really like, since I prefer to have my cats eat actual meat and not fur and feathers that are leftover from the chicken.  They are also easy to find in most grocery and pet stores.  The only downside to them is that they are expensive. 
Pros: Cat loves it; not messy when in a bowl
Cons: None!
My cat Cali loves this! After she goes outside on her Crazy-K-Farm harness (see my review on it), she comes inside to see a Fancy Feast Broth waiting for her to enjoy. Where I buy it, it's only about $1.00. Over all, this product is the best wet food ever! :woohoo:
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Pros: Variety of Flavors, Low Calories
Cons: A Bit Pricey When not on Sale, Packaging
My Angel loves most of the flavors she has tried and enjoys drinking the broth first, then eating the meat and veggies.  The Broths are a good way to give cats more liquids and a between-meal treat,  I would prefer a tub to the pouch, but the pouches do take up less room in the cupboard.  Angel is not a picky eater, but she does prefer certain brands of food.  As cats are meat-eating creatures, I like meat-based food with as little grains as possible.


I discovered these on a clearance aisle, in of all places, Walmart!   I was just becoming more aware of my kitty's food. My two older girls, 22 and 23, crossed the bridge last year within a few months of each other. But then my son moved and needed desperately to rehome his 12 yr old tabby girl. So I wanted to be very careful with Princess, a bit heavy 16#, and senior. I was shocked to see so many fillers  and grains! As I read it, there were no bad ingredients in these and she loves the broth (there's a creamy version as well), which helps with her liquid intake. My husband prefers to give her fancy feast cans, 1/2/day and a 1/2 cup of Purina One a day. I'm subbing in the Broths as a special dinner now and then.  Hope I'm doing ok by her! 
I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  My Angel is about 8-9 years old - exactly sure because I am her 3rd pet parent.  I feed Angel similarly to Princess - a can of Fancy Feast or equivalent brand in the morning, 1/4 cup of quality dry at our dinner time and 1/4 cup before we go to bed, she just won't behave without her bedtime snack!  A few time a week, she receives a Broth.  Her former pet parent said that Angel would not eat canned food, so I fed her two meals of dry food.  She became very chunky, so I began the morning meal of wet food.  She is fine with this and she gradually lost her excess weight.  I want to feed her some dry food, because this helps to clean the teeth.  My sister had many dental problems with her cat that was fed only wet food.  So far, our vet says that Angel's dental health is great.
So I believe you are on the right track with Princess.  You are both lucky to have each other!
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I like those also. The quality isn't perfect, but it's way better than many wet foods. My new kitty Aaru enjoys them as a treat, and my dear lost love Arlo ate them exclusively when he was living with terminal liver cancer last year. He didn't have an appetite for most foods, but he loved his "packets."
I like these as treats for my cats, esp the ones who don't drink enough. They are ridiculously pricey for what they are so cost prohibitive for a lot of people...they really should make them larger!!