ExquisiCat Scoopable

Pros: The best, out of the others in the market, It worked perfectly with our Litter Robot
Cons: No complaints.
Petsmart used to carry this product. They don't have it anymore, only the small crystal container. 

I wish they could bring back the big box! It used to work so well with our Litter Robot. 
Pros: No irritating fragrance, Not dusty, Clumps well
Cons: None
I use this litter exclusively now. The fragrance free is truly without fragrance. I've also used the "long lasting" which IS fragranced, but it is a VERY light scent that does not linger or leave a smell on your cat. This litter clumps well and you should have no problems when scooped daily. Best of all, this litter has virtually NO DUST!
Pros: Does a great job!
Cons: You have to scoop every day.
This is a very good cat litter, which has VERY LITTLE dust if any, and does not overpower you with fragrance (which I hate). It seems to do a great job, so much so that I am going to get another 20 lb. container. As long as you scoop every day, you will love this product.
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Pros: fragrance free, clumps well, good texture, cats like it too much!
We have tried many brands of litter

but this is the favorite litter of  Peebo, Leo and Bro

 this is scoopable..clumps well and is unfragranced litter

clay , and  baking soda are some of the contents

in this litter.

it comes in 3  choices of scents

 we prefer the  fragrance free litter  due to our allergies

and both of us having multiple chemical sensitivity illness..

We like to hold our cats and they are scent free

because of this high quality , unscented litter....

Price usually runs us less than 12.99 on sale..

at Petsmart and I see that you can buy it online

and have it shipped..to your home.
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