ExquisiCat Scoopable


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ExquisiCat[emoji]174[/emoji] Fragrance-Free Scoopable Cat Litter with Baking Soda

Latest reviews

Pros: The best, out of the others in the market, It worked perfectly with our Litter Robot
Cons: No complaints.
Petsmart used to carry this product. They don't have it anymore, only the small crystal container. 

I wish they could bring back the big box! It used to work so well with our Litter Robot. 
Pros: No irritating fragrance, Not dusty, Clumps well
Cons: None
I use this litter exclusively now. The fragrance free is truly without fragrance. I've also used the "long lasting" which IS fragranced, but it is a VERY light scent that does not linger or leave a smell on your cat. This litter clumps well and you should have no problems when scooped daily. Best of all, this litter has virtually NO DUST!
Pros: Does a great job!
Cons: You have to scoop every day.
This is a very good cat litter, which has VERY LITTLE dust if any, and does not overpower you with fragrance (which I hate). It seems to do a great job, so much so that I am going to get another 20 lb. container. As long as you scoop every day, you will love this product.