Ethical Slotted Balls Cat Toy

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Ethical Pet Products (Spot)
Pros: Very nice bright colors, a variety of colors, perfect size, very fun
Cons: Claws *may* get stuck in the slits.
My current cat and past kittens all loved it. It entertained them for hours and hours. It's a bit loud compared to the other jingly balls cat toys that I have, but that is perfectly fine :) I've seen them at every shelter I've been too as well. Very popular, and that is for a great reason. 
Pros: great for young kitten paw exercise
Cons: adult cats are disinterested
Kittens love to play with them 3-9 weeks enjoy the bell sounds can exercise mastering their paws claws

trying to pick up throw these balls as well as roll chase, adult cats are completely bored

prefer to have soft toys period look the other way.
Pros: jingles, bounces a bit
Cons: cats didn't care for them
Ironically, despite the way Kismet goes crazy when one of these little bells is jingling, when it's in a toy like this she pays no mind to it. Although these balls have a bit of bounce to them, they're a bit big for Kismet to prefer playing with. The combination of a bouncy thing and a bell seemed to detract from the appeal either of those traits has on their own. Mo - a bigger cat, on the other hand, was pretty into these and would use them like tiny kickers. He had a thing for lightly kicking something with a bell but unfortunately he never got much into the chase.