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Endless Possibilities Boinks Bamboozler

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Endless Possibilities
  • 18" Bamboo sticks with attached ribbon of Boinks braided material.

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  1. maggie101
    My cats love this! The wand is long which I like because then the string can stretch far out. Bright yellow color is a big plus and the string is sturdy. It will last much longer than my other wand toys.
  2. maddies momma
    My cat had no interest in this at all. It is way too long and difficult to handle. I feel like it could actually be quite dangerous being so heavy and long. The only thing that can make my cat play with this is if I tie food to the end of it.
  3. IndyJones
    I did have da bird before this but Kabby ripped it off the rod within a day during tug of war.