Endless Possibilities Boinks Bamboozler

Endless Possibilities

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18" Bamboo sticks with attached ribbon of Boinks braided material.

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Pros: Cat likes it, chew resistant, good for multiple cats.
Cons: Long I guess?
This is one of the best wand toys on the market. Indy and Kabby both love it and it holds up against their teeth and claws. Kabby is a very strong cat and it holds up to his tug of war games. Have had it a month and it still looks new. Definitely worth the price.
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My cat had no interest in this at all. It is way too long and difficult to handle. I feel like it could actually be quite dangerous being so heavy and long. The only thing that can make my cat play with this is if I tie food to the end of it.
My cats love this! The wand is long which I like because then the string can stretch far out. Bright yellow color is a big plus and the string is sturdy. It will last much longer than my other wand toys.