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EmeryCat Emery Cat BoardNo more cutting nails- cats groom while they play!The secret is the Emery Cat Board's patented honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently filing away sharpness. Infused with irresistible catnip, kitty keeps coming back for more.Patented abrasive emery surface works like a nail file. Helps prevent cats from scratching your furniture. The easy and safe way to trim your cat's nails. Designed for cat interaction, stretching and playing.Infused with irresistible catnip, kitty keeps coming back for more.Each measures: 18"L x 12"W x 2.25"H Bonus furry play toy and catnip included!Features:Your cat can give itself a pedicure Strong enough to support even larger cats Your cat safely files its own claws each and every time Emery Cat Board's special arch design is perfect for stretching and scratching Includes cat toy and catnip


All Star
EMERY, CAT, BOARD, Patented abrasive emery surface works like a nail file
ALL Star
ALL Star
ALL Star
ALL Star
All Star Emery Cat Board
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Item Height
4.5 inches
Item Length
19 inches
Item Weight
3 pounds
Item Width
12.5 inches
Package Height
5 inches
Package Length
18.8 inches
Package Weight
2 pounds
Package Width
11.8 inches
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5.00 star(s)
Pros: Once the cats got used to it, it really works.
Cons: Takes a while for cats to get used to.
It is so unfortunate that Emery Cat Board (whoever the manufacturer is) stopped making it. Had they changed the design to just a flat surface, cats might have gotten used to it so much faster. The regular corrugated cardboard boxes are awful. They create a mess and do nothing for keeping cats claws filed. A company needs to reintroduce this product!
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Pros: they shredded it
Cons: hard find replacement board
my cats luv this thing even my cat who is declawed\

love it....it has a lot of catnip n them
Cons: prices
Our cat was scratching on furniture and our entertainment center and we were trying to find something to stop it . We went our to our local pet sense and found this. We were so excited to bring it home because normally when we bring home toys our cat is overly excited to  try they out and he always know what to do with them. We brought this home with us and put it together added the cat nip and he still would have nothing to do with it .He will not even play with the feather on the stick and we have a wand that has feathers on the end of it and he plays with those all the time. 

We ended up buying a cardboard scracher from  Wal-Mart and he is in love with it. It was only 4 dollars!


Thanks for taking the time to review this item.  Have never tried it and now I won't ask for it as a "gift," LOL. Our cats also enjoy the corrugated cardboard scratchers--we get them at WalMart, too.  Target Stores and Pet Smart have other styles/models which our cats also enjoy.  My hand-held vacuum stays busy!
They can be so stubborn. My late gentle ruined my furniture. She and lotto had so many scratching posts and a climbing frame. Not interested. Lotto only scratched where he should. Then one day I got that cardboard concertina thing. Hey presto. She loved it. If only I'd got it sooner my furniture would have been safe.
Now blighty is doing the same thing. There are 5 scratchy things including s climbing one and he uses them and the furniture. It's like talking to a brick wall. He won't answer. He ignores me. I'm just s slave to him
Any case my furniture is quite new and I'm getting a new lazy boy. What can I do. Help.
Our cat was the same way. We could not get him to scratch or chew on anything he was supposed to. He was literally ripping our entertainment center apart. It is like a wicker stand and he was just clawing and ripping it all over. When we bought the emery cat board thinking that because it said it was cat nip infused that it would attract him as he LOVES cat nip ... but that did not seem to matter he will not even go around it!!! When we went home for Christmas my mother and father in law have a cat around the same age and they had got the walmart brand cardboard scratchers. When we were on our way home we stopped and got him one and as soon as we pulled it out he loved it and now he uses it all  the time. Since we have had it I think I have only got onto him one time for scratching or chewing on anything .