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  1. Stripesthcat
    "Healthy Aging Formula-Cat Food"
    Purchase Date:
    May 15, 2017
    Pros - Tasty, Good on sensitive stomach
    I recently bought this product for Stripes. She enjoyed it! She is 12 years old so I chose the Healthy Aging Formula. My family noticed she felt softer, there's a possibility could be from the food. She also has a sensitive stomach and often doesn't keep down new food. This kind went over well. I only bought can, at a reasonable price, so I'm sure if the use of this brand was constant it would be more beneficial. I also used the wet food to mix in a vitamin, which worked fairly well. I did some research on the company because I made a review video. The company is well back with professional veterinarians and scientists working on their formulas, so I believe the brand to be very trustworthy. Their website also has other pet health related content which could be very useful. I bought the product in a PetCo.

  2. tarasgirl06
    "Drsfostersmith.com -- The Answer For Busy Cat Lovers"
    Purchase Date:
    Mar 22, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Convenient, Easy, Dependable, Affordable, Saves Time and Money
    Cons - (none)
    We have recently switched from going to our usual bricks-and-mortar store for cat supplies to ordering online at Drsfostersmith.com on their automatic delivery schedule.  It has made life so much easier and we always look forward to receiving our order on our schedule, where we have indicated we want it delivered!  Prices are just as affordable, if not more so, than at the "big box" chain store, and changes are very easily made by calling or via online chat with one of Drs. Foster & Smith's pleasant, professional representatives.  It saves time, money, and vehicle costs, too!  We are so happy with this method of getting everthing our cats want and need that I don't see us ever returning to the "old way of doing things" -- we probably will still visit the store occasionally if we need something out of the ordinary or to buy cat furniture, but otherwise, Drsfostersmith.com is our favorite!  We've done one-time orders as well, for items we won't need every month but want to augment our usual order.  
  3. angelsmom1988
    "Great Selection, Accurate Order Fullfillment and Fast Shipping"
    Purchase Date:
    May 3, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Selection, Prices and Shipping
    I have ordered from Drsfostersmith.com several times.  Always the same accurate order fullfillment and fast shipping.  I will remain a repeat customer.
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  4. 2cats4me
    Pros - Great prices .
    I use Foster & Smith every year to buy Heartworm prevention  for my dogs .. They have great prices and customer service ...
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