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Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

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Veterinary Ventures
  • The Drinkwell® Platinum Pet Fountain is the ultimate in style and design. The Platinum utilizes the same innovative watering system as our other Drinkwell® Pet Fountains, featuring the patented free-falling stream of water. This entices pets to drink more, keeping them happy, healthy and hydrated. The Platinum features a new snap-on lid to prevent accidental removal, a pre-filter to catch any large particles before they reach the motor, and a submersible pump for nearly silent operation. With the same quality that consumers have come to rely on, the Drinkwell® Platinum is a culmination of 10 years experience in making pet fountains. Drinkwell fountains are compatible with all US 110v outlets only and are not to be used with 220v international voltage.
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    For use in the US only
    10.5 inches
    15.88 inches
    10.63 inches
    Veterinary Ventures
    Veterinary Ventures
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    Pet Products
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    Veterinary Ventures
    Veterinary Ventures
    Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain
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    4 pounds
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    sugar, flour
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    sugar, flour

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User Comments

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  1. zibbie
    I have this, my cats love it. I also had the same problem. It would overflow. There's a little plastic screen behind the water adjustment knob. It gets clogged with cat hair. You just pull it up and out, clean off the hair and replace.
  2. 2cats4me
    Yeah , I should have done that .   .  I bought a Drinkwell Hydrate System . It is just a pump you put in a water dish . It is fabulous . My male cat drinks from it all the time .  It is so simple to maintain and no overflowing .. I wrote a review on it ...
  3. di and bob
    There's a finite number of things it can be, clogged inlet, the pump is not working properly, or the lines or tubes,  are clogged somewhere. One time I left out a small part inside my pump when I cleaned it, it sure didn't work then! I can't believe how long it took me to find that out! But if your water was coming IN, then the pump must be working, it's GOT to be in the lines or the inlet! Next time I would contact the manufacturere and see what they can do for you. I know it's too late now, but those are too expensive to get rid of!
  4. 2cats4me
    Yeah , I took the whole thing apart and cleaned everything .  I  couldn't figure out why it was overflowing though ..
  5. di and bob
    I had one of these for years and it worked fine, my cats LOVED it! If it is overflowing it has to be that the intake was clogged, possibly with hard water deposits, and needed reamed out. I used only RO water in mine.
  6. di and bob
    I had one of these before I got my stainless steel one from the same company, and I really think they all encourage your cat to drink more. It must be the sound of running water! I have one cat that LOVES the stream, and one that only drinks from the bowl, so something for everyone!
  7. gladys
    Hi!!! I,ve had them all!!! I personally recommend buying the stainless steel one made by pioneer. Very easy to assemble , very easy to clean. I have one pioneer and two platinums. They are great but a little more difficult to clean than the stailess steel one. Oh and I keep two large bowls of fresh water too, for the kittys that are scared of running water
  8. angels mommy
    LOL! Threse, you are so right, they are!  Yea, that's what I was thinking too, best leave well enough alone!
    Don't need any more issues!
  9. therese
    I don't blame you for being cautious ......cats are such fragile, mysterious and delicate creatures, regarding health and temperment,  on one hand ( and  extremely efficient  killing machines on the other hand  LOL )  that if you have the problem taken care of, I wouldn't stir anything up ! 
    I am sure you have thought of this, but you might try one of those ceramic ones, or perhaps a metal one....just a thought, but sounds like you got it covered, in any event.
  10. angels mommy
    Thanks for the info. Even though he wouldn't come in contact w/ it, It could still be a problem. To still get a little from just his place mat being under his dishes makes me veer on the side of caution.  I'm not to worried, I know he gets plenty of water & has been fine for over a year now. I just thought it would be nice for him. 
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