Drinkwell by Petsafe Hydrate Water Filtration System for Cats

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Pros: Very easy to use , it is small so not intimidating to the cats , easy to clean .
This is a great item . It turns a simple dish into a water fountain .

You can put it in a shallow dish to create a waterfall effect or completely submerge to create a swirling effect .

I put one  in a big square glass baking dish completely submerged so 

it just gently agitates the water and cleans it at the same time and a second one in a shallow dish for a waterfall effect .

My cats like it better than a traditional water fountain .

If your cats do not seem to like a  regular fountain give this a try .. 

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I bought a second Drinkwell Hydrate and set up in a shallow dish for the waterfall effect .  Now my cats a choice between two ..

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