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Pros: Low dust, better odor control, great clumping
Cons: Very dense, a bit pricey, bag is not resealable
I got this on my vet's recommendation for my kitty Maple, who doesn't want to use the litter box. UTI issues already addressed. She poops and pees outside the litter box!

Well, she's gone from using the box, not using the box (repeat three times), and is currently not using the box for a couple weeks. Now she's on Prozac - crossing my fingers that works!

Anyway, aside from that, I still really like this litter for entirely different reasons. I absolutely LOVE how low the dust is. I was very apprehensive about putting a litter box in my room for this reason. I still remember pouring the 40-lb bag into the 30-gallon-bin-turned-litter-box and being shocked at how there was virtually no dust! I use Fresh Step for the other litter boxes and by comparison, it's a breath of fresh air - literally.

I listed the density as a con, but I don't think it's such a horrible thing. I think that's part of the reason it's not so dusty. It's less powdery than the Fresh Step. However, it does make the litter feel much heavier when scooping, so make sure you have a hardy scooper that won't break easily. It also makes the 40-lb bag seem like it's 60 lbs, lol.

One of the really big pluses I've discovered, however, is how much better it is at the odor control! I don't mean in the sense that you can just not scoop the litter box for a week. But in the sense that when you scoop it, the pee patties don't reek. The Fresh Step leave them smelling like this awful combination of Fresh Step and pee - yuck. But no smell with the Cat Attract. Plus, the pee patties don't seem to break apart nearly as easily with Cat Attract.

On the other cons - it is a bit on the pricey side. 40 lbs is $22.39, and 42 lbs of Fresh Step is anywhere between $14-17. I still think that Cat Attract is the better deal, for all the things I mentioned. Plus, and it could be my imagination, but it seems to just last longer. Like it takes less litter to clump or something. My other "beef" if you will is the fact that the bag is not resealable. Apparently, some cats are so attracted to it that they will pee on the bag if you open it and then leave the open bag out! I keep mine in a closet that they can't get to, and always use half of the bag at a time, so it's not a huge issue.

Anyway, I would recommend this stuff whether or not your cat is having litter box issues.
5.00 star(s)
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Pros: Cat actually USES litterbox, fantastic clumping, low dust
Cons: price
I had to babysit my neighbors old 16yo male cat, Paulie, this weekend. He has urinary incontinence issues. She had him checked by a veterinarian FIRST to ensure that he has no medical issues such as cystitis, excessive crystals or blockages, etc. He keeps peeing on her dirty clothes, sofa, bed and kitchen mats. She was ready to get rid of him because having cat pee on everything in your house is truly a burden.

I felt bad for the old guy and went to Petco to pick up a bag of Cat Attract Litter. I had seen it on the shelves before as I am a cat owner myself. I thought it would be the perfect thing for Paulie to try. So over the weekend I did a "litterbox experiment" with him and put the Cat Attract Litter in one litterbox and his regular litter in the other litterbox. 

Results of the weekend: Paulie peed in the litterbox filled with Cat Attract Litter EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Twice a night actually since the poor guy has kidney disease and drinks a lot of water. He went #2 in both boxes but he ONLY peed in the box with Cat Attract Litter. 

I would absolutely recommend this to ANYONE who has a cat that does not always use their litterbox. Especially if you are considering giving your cat away. Don't make this litter a last resort, there is no reason to. Buy it. If this litter can convince old man Paulie to pee in the box, you cat can be convinced too.
Pros: defintiely helps attract cat to box, good sand-like texture and clumping
Cons: cost! availability
The makers of Cat attract advertise 100% box use or your $ back. While Cat Attract litter, or the additive which can be purchased separately, do seem to help our Aya with "whizzing issues" on the beds and sofas it is not a "cure-all" for litter box use issues. It costs roughly $15 for 20lbs, or $27 for 40lbs making it just about the world's most expensive cat litter which will be a deterrent for many cat owners. That said, it can be a component of trying to get your furkid's bad potty habits under control in addition to basic modifications to the home like litter box location, size, number, reducing kitty stresses and possibly the addition of another very good product, Feliway diffusers. In fact, some of these behavior modification techniques are mentioned in the coupon booklet accompanying each bag of litter, making one wonder if they are really selling cat litter or advice that can be had for free on forums like this one.

Cat Attract is non-scented (except for their "secret recipe" of herbs, etc...) fine-grained, clumping  and greatly resembles the unscented clay non-clumping generic we mix with it to cut the cost down.(I know we've probably voided their guarantee this way...)  It generates less dust than the clay but is not "dust free". Don't forget to save the $1 off coupon inside each bag as well as coupons for your local retailer (only available at Petsmart around here) to help with the cost. Sometimes with the discounts it will be cheaper pound to pound to buy the smaller 20lb bag, easier to lift too!

If I knew someone dealing with the same elimination issues we have had with Aya, I would first recommend positive environmental modifications, a good enzyme cleaner (Anti-icky-poo) to avoid repeat "accidents" , a feliway diffuser and then if all else fails try some Cat Attract litter...