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An innovative door latch that allows the door to open wide enough to give cats access, it keeps unwanted guests out of the litter box and room, including kids and dogs.

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5.00 star(s)
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Pros: Easy to install. Keeps pets and kids out of rooms you don't want them to enter. Can be used in multiple ways, not just on doors.
Cons: None yet.
I needed something to keep the cats out of the laundry closet while I had the door open to allow the inside of the front loading washer to dry. I saw this product on a Google search and checked out the web site It seemed like the perfect solution.

I had several conversations with the owner through her Etsy shop with questions about the product and if it would work for my door. Her main web site showed pictures of the product in use but none matched the way I needed it to work. The owner was super helpful in answering my questions.

I purchased the product on her Amazon shop instead of on Etsy because I had an Amazon gift card to use up. The product can be bought on other web sites but not in stores yet.

Installation was easy. There are two parts that stick to the surface with super sticky adhesive. The product comes with instructions on how to remove the adhesive. The strap part is adjustable to hold the door open approximately between 2 to 6 inches wide.

I attached the part with the strap to the inside of the door frame:


The latch part is attached to the outside of the door:


So far the cats have been unable to pull the door open to get inside the closet :yess: They can push the door close and that causes a bit of a rattling noise from the adjustable part hitting the door frame tbut it's nothing annoying. I don't plan on keeping the door open all the time, just a day or two for the washer inside to fully dry.

The owner is glad that the product works for me even though it is installed in a unique way.

The web site lists all the different ways the product can be used: keep kids and dogs out of the cat's litter box room, allow older kids to keep young kids out of their bedrooms, allow cats to their safe rooms in the house but keep dogs out, allow the front door to be open for ventilation but keep pets and kids in, as a back up latch for baby gates, etc. The Amazon shop has reviews and customer pictures. There are likely other uses for the product that no one has thought of yet :)


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