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Looking for a pet sitter or a dog walker in the Orlando and Seminole County areas?We provide a number of services for your pets, catering to cats, dogs, fish, birds, small animals, lizards, snakes, turtles, you name it, we have an experienced professional available for your needs!

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We have hired Stacy a few times and everything seemed to go ok or so we thought. She was supposed to let our dogs out and feed them and also feed the cats. We hired her for only two visits night/morning. We came home the next day to find one of our cats missing. After a long time searching we decided to check with the neighbors and the very first door we knock on a man answered the door and explained how sorry he was but he had earlier buried a cat matching her description that was hit by a car. We were completely devastated, then we had to dig her up out of the neighbors yard to verify it was her (of course it was). Then after having the whole family pet her side because we could pet her head because her eyes were bulging out and her mouth was stuck wide open. We then said goodbye and buried her in our yard. Stacy said she was here that morning and claims she was safe inside the night before. I believe these are lies and you don't have to search too hard to see what a terrible pet professional Stacy and Dog den are. Search her phone number, her name Stacy Litz or her old company Liberty pet sitting in Philadelphia. Or you could just check the hidden Yelp reviews for dog den of maitland. This neglectful piece of garbage should not be caring for herself let alone anyone's beloved animals and that is evident by her drug dealing history. The worst part is now that I see what kind of terrible reviews this person has I am hurting even more knowing that I put my pets and my home in danger by trusting a convicted felon and now I feel a terrible responsibility for what happened to my cat razz who was my best friend and got me thru a really bad part of my life. Do yourself a favor and do not let the fabricated reviews fool you and hire a real company to watch your pets; their lives and well being depend on it.


Thanks you for the kind words. Barb I don't believe she has a license and the business name is not registered with the state. As far as Yelp, there are 18 negative reviews including mine that have been filtered to the not recommended section at the bottom of her page leaving only 1 most likely fabricated 5 star review. I wish I could contact Yelp and fight that battle but it's next to impossible to try and contact them. Thank you both for taking the time to read my post.
I wanted to add how sorry I am you and your family had to go through this. You will find the legal end of this discouraging and not likely to be financially close to your true loss. However by filing a small claims for breach of contract and the replacement value. It sounds so wrong, and it is. But it is the only legal voice you can give to your cat.
Release yourself from the guilt. Pursue the person who is responsible for your cat losing her life.
So sorry this happened to you.
I Googled "contact information for yelp" (without quotes), and got this:
It's full of bad reviews of Yelp, from both businesses and reviewers.  There is apparently NO way to contest a bad review, or to dispute a "not recommended" rating for a review.  I've just stopped relying on Yelp for recommendations.  Thank you for pointing out the kind of problems it has.