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5.00 star(s)
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Pros: Captivating to my cat.
She has lots of fun.
Provides a lot of jumping exercise.
The feathers simulate a flying bird.
Replacement feathers and attachments can be purchased.
Public alert on package advising responsible, safe play.
I purchased Go Cat's Da Bird 'Da Purr-Peller' version a few weeks ago and it has truly captivated my cat. Da Purr-Peller is on a short wand with a wire that has a 'Purr-Peller' you clip on with a very secure pin. This clip-on is comprised of three real feathers that whirl and flutter like a bird as you move it. Speedy has never once jumped after ANY cat toys until this one and she is chasing and jumping quite high and having loads of fun! Honestly, I have never seen her react so enthusiastically for a toy. Great exercise for an indoor cat.
I do want to add that when the cat makes contact with the feathers, I let up on all pulling. The toy has a wire cord and I do not want her to get tangled in it. This is not a toy to wrestle with. I put ours away when not playing to prevent getting tangled in or Speedy eating the irresistible feathers! I look forward to purchasing the different replacement attachments. Speedy gives it five stars, too!!
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5.00 star(s)
Pros: Cats love it!
Great for exercise!
Cons: Feathers come out; health hazard
I was ecstatic to see this toy in the local pet supply store after seeing so many great things about it all over the internet. Charlie loved it; sprinting around the room at top speed and making flying leaps to catch da bird out of the air. The issue is that the feathers come out quite easily, risking a cat accidentally ingesting a feather, which could become a medical emergency if one gets lodged in the GI tract. I stopped using da bird for fear of this, and am now using the mouse attachment instead, which is a lot more durable, and Charlie actually likes even better.
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Pros: Fun, cats like it.
Cons: Expensive, not durable
My cats got one of these as a gift from a friend who's cat was rehomed due to anaphylaxis.

It didn't last very long before it was shredded apart by teeth and claws. Not sure if it's because the toy isn't durable or if my cats are just too rough for this toy. Kabby has a bite like a pit bull. My cats shredded the feathers off within a day.

The replacement ends are expensive for what it is.
Pros: Cats love to jump and run for it, real guinea bird feathers, great noise, lifelike action
Cons: Have to keep taking knots out as otherwise it gets shorter and shorter
This is Paul and Chula's favorite toy.  They will race through the apartment after it, jump way up in the air trying to catch it and lie in wait for it to jump out and catch it "by surprise."  I have other feathered wand toys that don't get the same reactions; I think this is because Da Bird has genuine guinea bird feathers and the others have artificial feathers.  I do find that with time the string gets shorter and shorter, so I have to sit down periodically and untie all the knots.  I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to make their cat very, very happy.
Pros: real bird action, cats love the feathers
This is the most amazing toy I have ever purchased for my cats. I really didn't get what all of the fuss was about before I opened it and started using it with my cats. They go crazy for this toy. The feathers must smell great for cats since they constantly are sniffing them. They love watching the bird as it "flies" around the room propelled on the string. It was the only toy that I managed to get my cat interested in enough that he was willing to start enjoying interactive play with our new kitten involved as well.
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Pros: durable, interchangeable feather attachments, entertaining
Cons: a little pricey
I bought this toy for my 21 year-old cat to keep her entertained and she absolutely LOVED it! the feather attachment spins in the air, making a sound that simulates a bird flapping its wings, which caught and held my cat's attention.  She never got bored of this toy! I would highly recommend this toy for cats of all ages ^_^ probably not a good toy for cats who spook easily, as it is a little large and makes a relatively loud sound when "flying" through the air.  It is a bit pricey, but it's worth every penny and doesn't break easily like most "fishing pole" type cat toys tend to do.
Pros: makes noise, everyone one loves it, flexible
Cons: I have to hide it
Da Bird is one of the the favorite toys in my home, with my own cats and my fosters. I rarely have a cat not show interest in it. Typically they're chasing it all over the house. 

When my outside kitties come in and see it they go crazy for it due to the way it swings through the air and the noise it makes.

Most of my other kitties really enjoy it too, much more then other wand toys we've had.

I really like this because my blind cat can play with it, since the feathers are arranged in a way to make a swoosh noise when it goes through the air she uses the noise to stalk down the toy, something she can't do well with other wand toys.

The feathers are of a nice quality and last a long time. I like that wand is long and flexible allowing me to move all over with it. It also does have attachments, though we rarely use them.

The down side is I have to hide other the cats will destroy it.
Pros: It's a great source of exercise, and meets your cat's predatory needs. Because it's interactive, it helps you forge a bond with your pet.
Cons: It's pricey at around $15.00 Canadian. The replacement feathers are about $6 Canadian
I got my kitten a Da Bird Go Cat Rod for Christmas.  I broke it out early.  hehe  He loves it.  He leaps and twists in the air like an acrobat.  I swear he has wings.  I've never seen the little guy get so excited before.  He plays until he's pooped, panting with a silly cat grin on his face. When he catches it, he waddles down the hall with it in his mouth and tries to crawl under the dresser with it.  hehe  It's so cute. 

I've even managed to get my sedentary elderly female cat chasing it.  I think this is the best cat toy ever invented, because it moves and sounds like a bird. 

The positive side effect of this toy is that my kitten is losing interest in chasing and ambushing my older cat, which was stressful for her.  He's getting his predatory needs met with the toy. In fact, they seem to be bonding over the toy.  

I can't recommend this toy enough.   It's worth every penny.  Make sure you get a feather refill for it.  Although the feather attachment seems to be holding up well, I know it will only last so long with this kind of abuse being heaped on it.  hehe 
Pros: ~It is great for Exercise ~Durable ~Can Change toy on the end ~Longer pole means no accidental scratched fingers ~Comes apart for storage
Cons: ~Tangles quickly if not careful
This is by far the best toy I have for my cats, and the one they enjoy playing with the most. I store it in my bedroom because I have a lot of space to play with them up there and every time they hear the two poles clink when I take it out they come running up the stairs to play. This toy can amuse my cats for hours and watching them play and run and jump easily amuses me. With my old pole-toy it wasn't near as long and so occasionally when my cats got carried away they would sometimes get my fingers, but not with this Da Bird! Even better is it comes apart so you don't have to store this long monster away in your closet to keep your cats from destroying the toy end while you're're not around. My favorite thing about the Da Bird is that you can change the feather toy on the end and lots of people on Etsy make custom toys that fit on this pole as well. Lastly this toy can take a beating! I've had mine for a little over six months and I've only had to replace the toy end once. The rest of it; the string and pole, are still in great condition despite what my little hunters do to it. In the end this toy is easy to use and I would recommend it for everyone's cats. It's great for evoking prey drive and letting cats be themselves.

The one downside to this toy is that it is on a string and that string can easily become tangled around it's self, around you, or if you're not careful around your cats. Because of this I would always recommend adults supervise children with this toy and this toy should probably not be given to children under the age of 7.