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Da Bird Cat Toy

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GO CAT Feather Toys
  • This is the Easy Store 2 part pole version of the Da Bird toy. You can pull it apart and it takes up half the space. Handcrafted in the USA with top quality materials, Da Bird Feather Teaser simulates the motion of a bird at your control. Set on a swivel, its feathers look, sound, and feel like real bird wings and will drive your cat wild!Encourages instinctual behaviors and exercise to keep your cat healthy and alert. Fiberglass wand comes apart in two pieces for compact storage. Toy includes 36" 2 part wand, 32" nylon string, and one feather dangler.Replacement feathers are available as well as 5 additional accessories made to fit the Da Bird.Comes in assorted colors and picked at random.
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    Da Bird
    Realistic feather toy activates your cat's hunting instinct
    Pull-a-part rod for easy storage
    Cats love its flight-like motion and prey-like appearance
    Available Accessories include Fur Fun, Feather, Kitty Puff, Super Feather, Sparkly, Mouse
    Hand crafted in the USA
    GO CAT Feather Toys
    GO CAT Feather Toys
    GO CAT Feather Toys
    GO CAT Feather Toys
    Da Bird Cat Toy - Easy Store - 2 Part Pole
    Pet Products
    UPCList - UPCListElement:
    Item Height:
    0.5 inches
    Item Length:
    17 inches
    Item Weight:
    0.44 pounds
    Item Width:
    3 inches
    Package Height:
    0.3 inches
    Package Length:
    22 inches
    Package Weight:
    0.1 pounds
    Package Width:
    4.1 inches
    1 months

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  1. dbljj
    be careful of feathers in cat toys. I caught Ally, she had a feather half way down her throat. Luckily I got to her before she swallowed all the way. She was trying her best to get it down before I reached her. I was afraid the center part that was fairly hard could puncture something. She had pulled it lose from some feathers on a toy I had bought her.....
  2. lokhismom
    Agree! My kitty loves this toy.  He runs after it until he's panting and I have to force him a 5 minute break for fear he's going to pass out from excitement. lol 
  3. varsettie
    The good news is the refills on the feather toys are $5(amazon) so they're fairly inexpensive as apposed to other replacement cat toys that I've tried. 
    I have the feathers last longer by making sure they don't chew the toy. I let them catch it and then immediately remove it from them after giving them some pets. Never leave the toy on the ground either. Mine goes away on my shelf after play time to prevent accidental strangulation and stop them from completly destroying the feather toy.
  4. jamaal
    I bought this for my cats, and they do love it.  The problem I have is the feathers are almost gone now, from being broken off during play...I have only had it for about a month.  Maybe my cats are just crazy beasts because from what I've read, everyone has said it can take a beating!  I'm down to like two half feathers! And just yesterday the string came loose from the feather toy, so I have to tie it back on, at least it's not broken...maybe I need to find a different toy to put on the end instead of the feathers.  But my cats are in love with this thing...and I definitely enjoy myself watching them fly through the air trying to get it...it's pretty entertaining for the cats and everyone watching!
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