Curvy Angle Scratch by Art Motion and Sound

Art Motion and Sound
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Pros: Scratcher is beautiful and well made from high quality components. Cats love it. Great customer service.
Cons: Costs more than mass produced scratchers
This is one of the most attractive scratchers I've ever seen and my cats agree.  It's handmade of high quality components that can take daily work-outs with the sharpest claws.  The curved legs add a stylish touch rarely seen in a cat scratcher which means the scratcher looks appropriate in fancier decors where many mass-produced scratchers seem out of place.  It's available at:

Chula examining her new scratcher

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Because the scratcher is angled, theoretically it is more likely to fall over than if it were vertical, but so far we've not had any problem.  It's been the perfect scratcher.  Customer service is terrific, as well.  Each scratcher is made to order but arrives quickly with all necessary hardware and is easy to put together.

One apparent  negative:   The price might seem to be a lot for a scratcher but the quality means it will last longer than a mass produced scratcher.  In the end, I expect this will end up being less expensive because it doesn't need replacement so often.  You can even buy replacement sisal at the web site.

As an extra the scratcher comes with a free wand toy that Chula and Paul love.  It's very simple -a dowel, string and a bunch of colored strings tied to the end - but it gives DaBird a run for the money.  

Paul going nuts over the free wand toy while Chula waits her turn.

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I highly recommend this scratcher.