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CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel

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  1. xcourtney3
    I bought this a few years ago and my cats don't really use it. They are 8 years old now though, so may be better for younger cats. My girl will run into it if we're playing chase but other than that it's just sitting around!
  2. sargon
    "Freya loves it, and it made her a better cat!"
    Purchase Date:
    Aug 1, 2017
    Pros - Freya loves it and uses it all the time!
    It actually made her less afraid of our narrow hallway, like I had hoped!
    Cons - -a bit fragile, I'll be lucky to get 6 months out of it.
    -when it starts to break, the wire is a minor safety hazard
    -Freya likes to pounce feet from inside it as we walk by...
    -my cat moves it about sometimes, not always to good places
    I have a narrow hallway in my house, and it always scared my cat. I bought this tunnel ( actually a similar one, but they really are all pretty much the same.) and put it in that hallway, to hopefully give her positive associations and a place to hide, so the hallway was less scary.

    Freya loves the tunnel, often hiding and resting in it, as well as zooming in and out when she's hyper. She even drags toys in it while playing ( which can be annoying, but just goes to show how much she likes it, so it really is a nice toy. best of all, however is that, over time, it really did help her to gt over her fear of the long narrow hallway in out house!

    In terms of fun, it's a 5 star toy, and, because any toy that makes significant long term improvements in the behavior *and* well being of a cat for under $20 bucks is clearly worth 5 stars, regardless of just about anything else, I'm keeping it at a 5 star rating.

    With that said, the toy isn't very long lasting ( it is showing wear after only 2-3 months, and I doubt it will make it 6, much less 12 or more months.) Worse still, when it breaks, it may be dangerous, so it needs to be monitored. I should also note that the toy, by design, seems to make cats more apt to pounce legs, feet, and ankles (and other cats I suspect, though I dont' have multiples to be sure), so if that is a major concern, you may wan to pass.

    So, while it is a great toy, it does have serious flaws, as well.
  3. S.peno93
    "Purrfect tbh"
    Purchase Date:
    Jul 24, 2016
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Durable as heck! I've had this tube for almost as long as my cat and not only is it a mainstay in his playtime but it can withstand some serious clawing and pouncing!
    Cons - None?
    What cat doesn't wanna crawl through a crinkley tube?? It's durable because of the material it's made from, and the one I bought at Wal-Mart has a hole in one side so I can dangle an interactive toy inside the tube and entice my kitty to jump in. It's honestly one of my cats favorite toys I'd say.
  4. crlamke
    "Great fun for cats"
    Pros - Inexpensive, long lasting, can connect multiple tunnels together, cats love the crackling
    Cons - none really, different colors would be nice ...
    This is a great toy. I have two of these and sometimes tie them together using the ties on the tunnel ends, for an extra long race track for the cats. They enjoy having stuff like balled up paper thrown into the tunnel so they can chase and capture it. They also like having string toys dangled through the hole midway down the tunnel so they can race in and catch it.

    The only real improvement I can think of is more than one color. It's sort of a plain tan on the outside. Not a big deal though.

    Prices vary a lot on this toy. Check your local Petsmart and other stores to see if they have it cheaper than Amazon.
  5. forestdweller46
    "Better than a kitty treadmill !!"
    Purchase Date:
    Oct 1, 2013
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - raceway from hither to yon, hole to jump in and out of, place to lurk and launch attacks. Seems indistructable!
    Cons - Purchased at Goodwill for my daughter's kitten, who totally ignored it for 2 years.
    After dusting this little gem for 2 years as my daughter's cat ignored it, I rehomed it for my 12 week kitten. He immediately began racing through it, made 30 foot runs through 2 rooms to dive into the hole [again, again, again]. Loves to chase wine corks, jingle balls, and imaginary mice through the tunnel and knock them back out the other side again. I've caught him dragging his stuffed animals from one end to the other. Catpucinno is now 7 months old and this is still one of his favorite toys. Needs no excuse to gallop in one end and out the other, just to repeat the loop. He grabs it with his teeth to drag it to the part of the room he wants to place it in, no damage to the chute!
  6. sprin
    "Keeps My Cat Happy"
    Pros - Fun, sturdy during play
    Cons - moves easily, loud, strings dangle from one entrance
    I'm surprised how much my cat likes this really simple toy! He always drags me over to it when we're playing so I can put toys in the tunnel and let him chase things in there. When he's playing by himself he loves to run through it. I like that it has a hole in the top. When he rolls around and kicks in the tunnel, the material moves with him and doesn't tear. It's holding up really well, and it's one of my cat's favorite toys. One annoying thing is that it's really easy for him to push around, so as he runs through it he winds up pushing it into things and I have to move it back. Also, it sounds like my cat is running through a pile of plastic grocery bags, which I don't mind but I could see getting on some people's nerves.
  7. kittybear14
    "Great tunnel"
    Pros - It's crackly, long and has a whole to jump in and out of
    Cons - The loose ties are not good, my cats ate them
    My Boys love this tunnel. It's fun to play in and after 2 yrs, they still play in and around it. They are 2 yrs old. 

    Meow 😸
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  8. donutte
    "My babies love it!"
    Pros - Can be compacted for easy storage, cats LOVE it
    Cons - Can trip you if not careful!
    This was one of many things a friend gave to me after I decided to adopt my two kittens in July. This is probably the thing they got THE most enjoyment out of. Not just them, but even my older kitties (one of my 13 year olds and my 16 year old) had a good time with it. I spent hours though watching the kittens run right through it at the speed of light, watching them pop through the hole in the middle, or just pouncing on each other with on of them inside.
  9. freewayexit
    "My two kittens, Freeway and Exit Love Love Love the CrackleChute Tunnel. This is one of their favor"
    Pros - Love to run through the tunnel or just sit inside or play hide and seek
    Cons - It makes a little noise when the kittens run through in the early morning hours. Oh well . . . its all in fun :)
    My two kittens, Freeway and Exit Love Love Love the CrackleChute Tunnel.  This is one of their favorite toys. I'm thinking of getting a couple more.

    Love to run through the tunnel or just sit inside or play hide and seek

    It makes a little noise when the kittens run through in the early morning hours. Oh well . . .  its all in fun :)
  10. Kat0121
    "Took them a little bit but Lily likes it"
    Pros - Good hiding place. They like the hole in it to peek out of
    Cons - kinda big, noisy but tolerable
    The furkids got this for Christmas. My Sophie likes anything cave like so I figured she'd love it. So far she hasn't really tried it but Lilith loves it. She like to hide in it and stalk her sister in it since she can peek out through the hole in the middle of it and she's small enought to fith through there for an ambush. It does take up some floor space but she likes it and isn't that what matters? [​IMG]
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