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CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel

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World Wise Pooch Planet
  • Satisfy your cat's need for Independence. Your cat will love exploring the mysterious tunnel that crackles with each step. The opening mid-way down the tunnel is perfect for hide-and-seek or playing chase with other cats. Lightweight and collapsible, the CrackleChute is portable and stores away easily when playtime is over.
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    Seemingly endless tunnel cat toy crackles curiously with every step
    Cats can't resist crawling inside the mysterious interior
    Pops out and retracts easily for portable fun and easy storage
    The expanded tunnel measures 9.5" diameter x 35" long
    Tunnel retracts to approximately 2" deep for easy storage
    Cats can't resist crawling inside mysterious interior
    It pops up/retracts easily, offering portable, lightweight fun anytime
    Measures 2-inch length by 10-inch width by 11-1/2-inch height
    Seemingly endless tunnel cat toy crackles curiously with every paw step
    World Wise Pooch Planet
    World Wise Pooch Planet
    World Wise Pooch Planet
    World Wise Pooch Planet
    SmartyKat CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel Cat Toy
    Pet Products
    UPCList - UPCListElement:
    Item Height:
    9.5 inches
    Item Length:
    35 inches
    Item Weight:
    0.66 pounds
    Item Width:
    9.5 inches
    Package Height:
    2 inches
    Package Length:
    11 inches
    Package Weight:
    0.15 pounds
    Package Width:
    11 inches
    CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement:

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  1. bubblzmay
    We have one of these also and all of our cats love it! Sadly it IS destructable though. After awhile of rough play watch the ends. The wire than runs through it that holds it in a tunnel form and allows it to collapse will start poking through the material and will need to be snipped off with wire cutters. Inspect this area often because the wire is sharp and dangerouse for running, bouncing, pouncing kitties!!! Besides that, its a great enjoyment, therefore investment!!
  2. forestdweller46
    I put Catpucinno's tunnel on end next to his "tree" when I vacumn. When he comes out of hiding from the vacumn, he jumps in the hole to put the tunnel back where he wants it. Takes about the same amount of floor space as DH's golf clubs, non?
  3. josie and the
    My kitten LOVES this tunnel. She runs through it, jumps into the hole in the middle and just goes nuts in it by herself, with a toy or a feather. Sometimes she makes so much noise as she's leaping on it and as it whizzes along the ground from one side of the room to another I think she has hurt herself but no, it's just playing. She also uses the tunnel for private time and is sometimes so zonked out from it, falls asleep half in and half out. I'm so glad I bought this for her!
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  4. beverlyjane
    I bought it...cat wouldn't even go near it, even with treats inside to tempt her.
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  5. nurseangel
    I've thought about cutting the ties off because I have a fear of cats getting choked on strings.  I've never seen them express any interest in the ties, but still...
    I never put the tunnel up because Daisy has claimed it as "hers".  I do trip over it occasionally and so has my husband.  Thankfully, Daisy's never been in it when this has happened. 
  6. angelinacat
    I bought mine at Wal-mart, also for about $7.00.  My boys especially loved it as kittens, and they still play with it now that they're adults.
    My husband wants me to get rid of it because he thinks it looks tacky in the house.  My response was that it was the cats' toy, not his.
    My only complaint is that when I do put it up, there are ties on it so that you can mask it down and tie it shut, the the ties aren't long enough to tie bows so that it is easy to untie.  The last time I brought it out for the kitties, I had to cut the ties.  Now when I put it back up, I will have to use string or cable ties on it.
  7. segelkatt
    I've got a similar product, it's furry on the in and outside but crinkles when you touch it. It is held open at on end with some kind of wire and closed at the other, looking sort of like a Santa Claus hat on its side. My cats have no use for it whatsoever. One of them sometimes sits on top of the flat part and then goes to sleep. That was a waste of money at Petsmart, at least it was in the bargain bin so it wasn't too much.
  8. slykat12
    The ends of mine do not "collapse" as in "break." The opening just lies flat so you "the human" have to stand it up again so the tunnel is patent. It appears the crinkly ones have more fabric and my guess is it is more sturdy and less flexible so it would not collapse upon itself as often. But I can see it still would fall in upon itself just the same. It would have to unless the ends had feet to keep it from happening and they don't.
    One other plus with Boots and Barkley is you can connect several tubes together as they have velcro attachments. I dunno if you can do that with this one. I personaly do not like loud cat toys.
  9. angelinacat
    I did not keep the packaging that my tube came in, so am not sure it is the same product, but my kittens love it.  It also crinkles and crackles, and so far, the ends have not collapsed.
    Mine came from Wal*Mart and cost $7.88.  *HEH*  I just now saw the Amazon price...
  10. slykat12
    opps I forgot to say that this tube/tunnel does not make the crinkle sound but I kinda prefer that myself and I was incorrect on the price it was 10 bucks. 
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