Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser for Cats

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Pros: easy to use
Cons: expensive, not effective
We used the diffusers, several throughout the house, along with the Feliway spray and collars.  There was, perhaps, a moderate effect/improvement in the aggression and spraying behaviors right after starting to use, but then things went right back to as bad as ever.  Pee everywhere, growling, hissing, chasing, fighting to the point of one cat pooping.  It was awful.  So many folks raved, at multiple sites, about the pheromones, but it just didn't work for us, at least not enough to justify the expense.  And we used it continuously for about 6 months to give it a fair trial.  At any rate, after trying a very long list of products and environmental changes to improve the situation, and spending a fortune, we found relief by letting a two of the three cats go outside away from the one who just would not leave them alone, and put him on Prozac.  Prozac was the absolute last resort and I know some folks say they would never ever do such a thing.  But it worked. 
Pros: no odor
Cons: expensive!
We tried this when our new cat started peeing on things. We didn't want to have to take him back to the shelter so we bought this to see if it would help with anything. He continued to pee on things while the diffuser was plugged in, but eventually stopped. I have no idea if the Feliway really helped at all since we stopped using it when it ran out without him starting to pee everywhere again. It may have helped encourage him to stop, or he may have just settled in to our home and stopped on his own. It's hard to say. This stuff is too expensive for the results to only be possibly related to the Feliway.
Pros: It might be helping. Not sure yet
Cons: It's expensive
I bought 2 diffusers and 2 refills to help my new foster kitty adjust. I honestly have no idea if it's working or not. I think it might be helping a little bit. I keep it plugged in just in case.

It's expensive. I bought 1 diffuser that comes with the bottle at Petco and it was $50. I had ordered one a diffuser with 2 refills from Amazon for $60 or so but it wasn't going to be delivered for another day or 2 and kitty seemed stressed. He is doing better but I have no idea if it's the Feliway or if he's just getting more comfortable in his new environment
Cons: doesn't last...expensive
I have been using this for over a year and an still uncertain if it is doing any good at all. I have two diffusers going and my cats still get into tiffs and still spray here and there. I am just not sure if I am wasting my money with this.
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Pros: Wonderful synthetic pheromone
Cons: MUST be mindful refilling it!
I use this in conjunction with the Feliway spray, and it has worked wonders. I picked up this gem after some research following some pee problems with my kitty. I have it plugged in in the room where she was marking her territory, and it has done wonders since.

Admittedly, there were two accidents since the Feliway was installed. And, come to find out, it was after it had been plugged in for well over a month and a half. The instructions say that the oil canister will last up to a month, and it seems to hold true to that. After that, though, and it's fair game! Kitties gone wild!

I am in a single cat household so I cannot account for how well it deals with aggression and fighting with other cats. However, it seemed to help my best friend when she introduced a new kitten to her 2-3yr old cat. She has since removed it when it ran out and everything seems to be normal.

Like I said in my review for the spray, these are the results that were exhibited by MY cat. All cats are different, so results will be varied between kitties. Keep that in mind! :)
Pros: Fighting, stressed out, peeing cats, it all stops with Feliway!
Cons: Not cheap, but if you research, you can get it cheaper
The Feliway plug in diffusers work like a miracle.  I was very skeptical about all this and especially because they are not cheap.  There are imposters out there but I wouldn't use any but Feliway  ( I think you can get it in the UK, too  but the packaging looks a little different ) 

I had a very stressed out spayed female cat, who already was getting idiopathic cystitis from stress ( room  re-model, new 2nd kitty and a death in the family ).  

Then, I ended up bringing in a small feral kitten, ( apparently I am a glutton for punishment  )      who was fine initially, but as he grew into a 'teen' , they started fighting.....not horribly so, but enough to cause her aggravation on a regular basis.  

She started the inappropriate peeing under the dininng room table.....and they were 'arguing' all the time.....the vet suggested FELIWAY plugins....In a matter of ONE DAY  all the chaos STOPPED.    

This is not a drug, but apparently is a analog pheromone that the mother cat emits during nursing, and it reminds them of their intiial well being as a kitten.  And CALMS THEM RIGHT DOWN.  

There is no smell, no odor , no staining and is safe for all ......I keep two or three of them going all the time in my small in the bathroom we had converted to the litter box room, and then one or two in the living room and kitchen.    

Now, recently,  I had some inappropriate peeing problems with the now-grown up male kitty, who started peeing ( marking actually )  under the good 'ol dining room table..... ( my vet says, that although he is neutered, he can still smell the cats outside in the back yard at night  during 'queening season,' spring )    

At his suggestion, after spraying the Nature's Miracle for Cats and letting it dry. for four hours....I got the Feliway SPRAY in the bottle, sprayed over EVERY INCH of the two carpets he is peeing on......and once again, MIRACLE !  He stopped peeing.    

Now, mind you, apparently I have to do this Feliway rug-spraying every 12 hours or at least   DAILY,  or rather NIGHTLY, which is when he does this, in response to the random neighborhood cats doing their thing in our backyard .   I MISSED a night and he PEED AGAIN !   Hopefully, per my vet, this whole 'queening season' won't last long and we can go back to normal, but this FELIWAY SPRAY directly on the pee-rugs, covering every INCH,  makes him stop.   

The principle on this is something like, they don't pee where they would be nursing ?   I am not sure but I am not asking any questions, it works !

The local retail stores have this but its TWICE as expensive than if you go to Amazon or to Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Catalogue on line.  I buy a bunch when its on sale, then I cut out the manufacturers coupons , usually $5 off , and send them to Fosters...they set up a credit account, then when the stuff goes on sale, I buy some.  I have never seen anything like this and I know people are totally skeptical but it works in most cases. 

3/29/14  UPDATE:  I stopped spraying the Feliway under the dining room table for about 14 days now and my boy hasn't peed anymore, so apprently the outside cats mating season has moved on !   All is well !                                              ( fingers crossed !)   

4/2/14  Another update:  I understand that there are actually TWO BRANDS of this:  Feliway Brand itself  and Comfort Zone with Feliway.  I have only used the Comfort Zone with Feliway in it.  I researched and both brands have the same 10% of the analog pheromones, its just the carrying agents and suspensions that differ and are proprietary to each manufactuer.

8/20/14   Another update:  Before the random peeing stopped by using the spray ( see above ) I had used the diffusers to stop the fighting that had ensued when I brought a baby stray into my house, with my older tuxedo.  

Time has gone on,  and my two cats ( neutered male and spayed female )  were doing very well, sleeping side by side, hanging out together, 24 / 7 , no, I decided, that they had been getting along quite well after two years of Feliway plug ins in three areas of the house ( cat box area, bedroom and living room ).  So, for a week, I just let the the diffusers  run out to see what would happen.  

There was no peeing, but much to my surprise, in a short three or four days, it went from all quiet to  hissing, howling  and fighting to a scenario where my little orange male bully was harassing  my female tuxedo in the litter box !!  

Then he was trying to block her from even GOING into the litter box area !    After that,  he harrassed her and chased her to the point, that he had this 11- year old matron kitty  cornered up underneath the LINING of my bed!   OMG !    I had to separate them when I left the house just to even run an errand.

I quick ran to the computer, ordered fast delivery on Amazon and today, plugged Feliway diffusers all back in again,  ( I buy them six in a box and its about $11 apiece as opposed to $25-30 apiece in the retail stores locally) .  And  in two hours, I went into my bedroom and saw them sleeping, side by side.  It has been about 8 hours now, no fighting, no yowling, no nothing.....again.

Yes, folks, you can actually have FULL ON CAT CHAOS....and if you plug in those diffusers in, I have no idea how they work, but let me tell you, before you throw in the towel, TRY THEM.  

I couldn't believe my eyes how BAD it got without them.  And in less than a WEEK. 

That little orange one of mine is a sweetie to me, but wants to rough play all the time ( he is part siamese ) and my other kitty is much older and persian mix and wants peace and quiet.   Picture a rough teenage boy kitty, all adrenaline,  with a 60+ matronly kitty who just likes to sleep in the sun.  We have two huge cat trees and all kinds of toys for him, but he is still a little trouble maker...not mean, but rambunctious.

Not a great match, indeed, but I took him in at 3 weeks old and saved his life.  What can I do?  I love them both and he is now four and is a good kitty, with the Feliway plug ins.  

They should only make them for humans !
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Pros: Helped me integrate cats into my household twice.
Cons: I wish it lasted more than 1 month-expensive.
I saw this in my vets office last April and asked about it. He explain to me that it was a pheromone diffuser that mimicked the pheromones cats deposit by rubbing their cheeks etc.. That it helped in keeping cats calm.I was about to bring home a 6 year odl cat to live with my 8 year old cat. I decided to give it a try. I had to buy 3 to cover our square footage. This seemed to work. The cats saw each other after 2 days and seemed to bond instantly. Never a hiss , nothing. I n Sept. I brought home a 10 month old cat. Same scenario. When the diffusers ran out I noticed tensions getting high because the kitten was annoyingly active for the 2 older cats. I bought the refills and everything is great. I have also used the spray to spray the carrier for vet visits and to spray an expensive new chair in hopes the cats would not scratch it ( they had all scratched the chair I was replacing) The spray works too. Trouble with the spray is it costs $29 and runs out fast. The diffusers were 439 each and I think the refills are $22. I would at least use these during a cats illness to keep them calm, if I had spraying or fighting issues and of course when integrating a household of cats.I had tried less expensive calming collars. That didn't work
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Pros: no smell for humans, easy to use, calms scared cat
Cons: expensive, have to replace monthly, only covers small space
My cat Buddha is always very nervous. When he stresses out, he gets urinary tract infections, so I bought the Feliway plugin by Comfort Zone. It works very well! There's no smell for humans, but m cat responds to it. He's not as skittish anymore which is nice. He looks more relaxed than before I had Feliway. I could tell a difference because I forgot to replace it after the month ended, and he was back to being very nervous.