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Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser for Cats

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Farnam Companies, Inc.
  • Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser (BOX)
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    Central Life Sciences
    It's clinically proven to help.
    7 inches
    2.32 inches
    2.62 inches
    Farnam Companies, Inc.
    Farnam Companies, Inc.
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    Pet Products
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    Farnam Companies, Inc.
    Farnam Companies, Inc.
    Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser for Cats, 48 ml
    1.8 pounds

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  1. rickr
    I imagine that this is the kind of product that works for some cats in certain situations, but not all.  I tried it. Like dhammagirl, I found the pheromones ineffective. And it's very expensive.
    I've had better luck rubbing a drop of Self-Heal and Aspen between my cat's shoulder blades.  Bach Rescue Remedy also works well, but it leaves an oily residue on fur.  If you have a water bowl, rather than a fountain, a few drops of Rescue Remedy in the water can sometimes help.
  2. therese
    If you run into the problem again, try spraying the spray Feliway...you can spray it directly on any 'pee spot' and the cat will never pee there again.
     During the re-training, you have to spray the area every 12 hours...the spray is a little less expensive than having to buy the whole diffuser and refill...but both are very good....
    I think in your cat's case, the diffuser emitted a scent that calmed him down, which is what it is supposed to do.   I agree with you, that he was probably stressed out in the initial introduction to the new home and that stuff will really work for these kinds of circumstances.  He was in transition rather than being a 'problem pee-er."  And it got him over the difficult adjustment.  Glad he is doing well. 
  3. cataan
    I used feliway to calm my cats down in hopes of them getting along better (after adopting a new cat to be my other cat's friend).  Feliway did nothing other than cost me some money.
  4. starlyte
    I'm in a multi-cat house (although I live in a tiny village, the amount of people who rent, move out and leave the cat behind like old furniture is astronomical!), and all are adopted strays, or their offspring, but some cats that are from other homes are particularly aggressive, especially towards spayed females, not to mention the territorial "marking" problem.
    I used Feliway in the "Cat Room" for a few months, and not only did the number of fights diminish, but a few really timid cats became almost cuddly. No more regular marking either, although I do wash the areas with water and alcohol, lemon scented if I have it, which is great for cat pipi smells. It doesn't encourage them to return, like bleach and other products either.
    The Feliway diffuser really did break the cats' infernal daily aggressive circle, though. Calm was restored, and both I and the cats were less stressed.
    Also I don't know if it was the Feliway, or time, but one older cat who'd never let himself be touched and froze as if he wanted to be invisible each time a human aproached, is now being stroked, and sleeps happily on a cushion. Poor dear had obviously been badly treated, but he's much happier, and is integrated well with the others and me now.
    I don't use it anymore, but I still have the Diffused, and I have a refill the day after I command it, if I need to use it again.
    I'd used a similar product for one of my dogs, when she was really perturbed by the death of her bigger playmate, but in coller form, and it helped her a lot.
    It can't do miracles, but it can help along with love and patience.
  5. catlover 3
  6. catlover 3
  7. kaos8
    I use the ComfortZone or Feliway Spray (there are 2 different names- but it is the same stuff, made by the same company) on cat carrier blankets when I do TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) of ferals and strays and also use it when ever I have a new cat around or do rescue- so all pick ups/ travel and vet visits I use this stuff for.  The vet hospital I used to work at also used it in every "Cat" room on all the towels for each cat client.  It does work, however the spray has a horrible immediate smell/mist- that makes you cough and i think it stinks- but only right after immediate use..It eventually wears off.  Kind of expensive- but totally worth it.
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