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Pros: Good concept, decent price
Cons: No international shipping, uses tracking type ads.
The concept is good but the site won't ship internationally they only ship within the U.S. So us in Canada even can't use it.

This would be a helpful tool for me since I don't have a car. Please expand your shipping options to Canada at least.
Pros: excellent customer service, wide selection of porducts, low shipping
Cons: none
I recently started using to buy my cats hairball remedy as well as her dry cat food.  My cat, Angie will only use 1 specific brand of hairball remedy, and its hard to find in the pet stores where I live.  I was thrilled when I found it at  It was very inexpensive and as I browsed more on the website, I found all sorts of stuff my cat uses that was considerably cheaper than the local pet and feed stores.  I started getting my cats pet food (Stella & Chewy's and I & Love & You) from here because its so much cheaper, and you can set it up to be delivered every month at the same time, so you don't run out.  Plus, shipping is super cheap and if you spend more than $50.00, its free.  I also like their selection of cat toys, way better than most online pet stores. 
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Pros: fast shipping; great everyday prices; no sales tax in most states
I am always impressed by the speed of's shipping!  There have been times when I placed an order in the afternoon and received the items the next day.

Their prices are also very reasonable and fair.  I think that tracks some of the prices at and matches them.  A big plus for is that you don't pay sales tax in most states!

They also occasionally send out coupons through snail mail.  I've received a postcard with a one-time-use coupon code for $15 off $49+, which is crazy awesome when stacked upon their already-great prices.
Pros: Convenient / good prices
Cons: None at the moment!
I was SO glad to discover! I was like a kid in a candy store! Their prices are even better than Amazon usually, as is their selection of foods. I had to order prescription food through them and it was very simple and fast. I've used them multiple times now. I also love that they have chat there if you need to talk to a customer service rep.

Oh! That reminds me, and on my very first order, I had 6 items. One of the items was not there when I received it. I hopped onto the chat (which was SO great to this person that hates talking on the phone), and they just placed my order for the missing item, no questions. I got an email notification about the new order before even being done with the chat.

I'm a firm believer that a company should be judged not only by their service, but also how well they handle issues that may arise. Chewy gets an A++ from me for both!
Pros: Price, Free Shipping, Auto-Ship, Selection
Cons: Inventory
We've been using for about six months and we are very satisfied. The only CON was sometimes they run out of stock on some items.

Our Vet gave us a sample bag of recycled paper litter. We liked it so much, but could not find it in town. I found Chewy online and they carry a similar eco-friendly cat litter. Now they auto-ship it to us.

Using Chewy and auto-ship saves us money from the standard clumping litter, we get free shipping, and it's recycled newspaper. Plus, it saves us (and my back) from running to the box store even if they had it in stock. Win win for us.

We've started getting food, treats, and other supplies from Chewy as well. They use FedEx so it gets here fast.

Lastly, the boxes make great kitty condos! :blobgreen

Pros: Fast shipping, great customer service, free shipping
Cons: stopped carrying some of the products I use
Great company!  Called once because I thought I ordered BabyCat and received Kitten.  Well, I had ordered a case of Kitten.  Even though it was my fault they credited my account.  I work at a humane society.  A couple came in and donated a bunch of food.  They said their dog had died & they tried to return,  but Chewy told them they would credit their account & to donate the food to anyone who needed it.  I recommend them to customers and I know several of my coworkers started buying from them. Their selection is good on most items. You can call & get advice if needed.  A real person answers the phone- no waiting!
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Pros: Large selection, friendly customer service, quick delivery
Cons: can only buy cans in packs
I've ordered 4x from and it's always been a breeze. I buy Rx food for my cat, so I pick the food I want & then in checkout enter the vet info (vet name, vet office name, phone number) and they call to verify. It usually ships within a day & comes 2 days later. Their online chat customer service is very good too, they really help!
Pros: Good prices , excellent service ..
Cons: None for me .
I order from this company all the time . I rarely have issues but on the rare occasions that I did they took care of it right away . Nothing serious , just glitches in ordering ..  I will continue to order from 
Pros: Fast,economical, good selection, free shipping
Cons: None
:vibes:I alternate between chewy and Amazon for my dogs and cats. :vibes:l
Pros: 100% satisfaction guaranteed, great prices
Cons: Can take a while to receive shipments
In all fairness, I've only ordered from one time. I had done some research on weight management foods for dogs and cats and had decided I wanted to try Premium Edge, but couldn't find a store that sold it locally. I decided to take a chance and order large bags of both dog and cat food. Initially, both my dog and cat liked the foods, but less than halfway through the bags, they both decided they didn't care for it anymore. I called and they asked my how much of the food was left, and asked me to donate the remainder to a local shelter, and proceeded to refund the entire cost of my purchase. So basically I was able to try the food out at no cost to me. I've done a lot of cost comparisons, and consistently has the lowest prices on most foods. If you have a certain pet food that you buy regularly and are diligent enough to order in advance of running out, I think it's well worth ordering from 
Pros: fast, least expensive, no shipping if you spend over 50$, good customer service, no taxes.
Cons: items don't have a lot of reviews.
This is where I buy canned food if I have to. They have a huge selection, really nice customer service, but what's most important for me: best prices, no taxes, no shipping if you spend over 50$. Shipping is as fast as it can be.

The only con is, if you can call it that, that the items they sell don't have a huge number of reviews like at Amazon.