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Pros: Good concept, decent price
Cons: No international shipping, uses tracking type ads.
The concept is good but the site won't ship internationally they only ship within the U.S. So us in Canada even can't use it.

This would be a helpful tool for me since I don't have a car. Please expand your shipping options to Canada at least.
Pros: excellent customer service, wide selection of porducts, low shipping
Cons: none
I recently started using to buy my cats hairball remedy as well as her dry cat food.  My cat, Angie will only use 1 specific brand of hairball remedy, and its hard to find in the pet stores where I live.  I was thrilled when I found it at  It was very inexpensive and as I browsed more on the website, I found all sorts of stuff my cat uses that was considerably cheaper than the local pet and feed stores.  I started getting my cats pet food (Stella & Chewy's and I & Love & You) from here because its so much cheaper, and you can set it up to be delivered every month at the same time, so you don't run out.  Plus, shipping is super cheap and if you spend more than $50.00, its free.  I also like their selection of cat toys, way better than most online pet stores. 
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Pros: fast shipping; great everyday prices; no sales tax in most states
I am always impressed by the speed of's shipping!  There have been times when I placed an order in the afternoon and received the items the next day.

Their prices are also very reasonable and fair.  I think that tracks some of the prices at and matches them.  A big plus for is that you don't pay sales tax in most states!

They also occasionally send out coupons through snail mail.  I've received a postcard with a one-time-use coupon code for $15 off $49+, which is crazy awesome when stacked upon their already-great prices.


They do have the lowest prices but I recommend waiting until you need enough pet items so you can get the free shipping when you hit $49.